Madonna Tracks Leak Online Again from Rebel Heart

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  • Madonna suffers backlash on her new album tracks which have been hacked and published online.
  • 14 more new tracks from Rebel Heart leaked online.

Madonna’s new album Rebel Hearts has already been hacked once before. Five of the tracks were officially released on iTunes after the hacking to ensure the authenticity of the art. Madonna has liberated her fans ‘The Rebels’ to respect true art.

Madonna seems to be struggling with the 21st century format of musical innovation. With stars like Taylor Swift selling millions of albums on release, it might actually be nice for Madonna to learn some tricks from the young artist on how to keep your album safe from hacking milliners just lurking around the corner to devour each and everything you have.

Where Taylor had capsized all the tracks on her album till its official release, Madonna recently faced another hacking of the tracks on her album Rebel Heart. They are just not one or two, 14 demos were hacked and leaked online blasting all chances of redemption for the album by the star.

Idolator reports that the following new 14 tracks leaked online:

  • Back That Up (Do It) feat. Pharrell
  • Beautiful Scars
  • Best Night
  • Body Shop
  • Freedom
  • God Is Love
  • Graffiti Heart
  • Hold Tight
  • Holy Water
  • Iconic
  • Inside Out
  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Tragic Girl
  • Veni Vidi Vici
  • Unless she can come up with 14 new tracks by the midsummer anticipated release in 2015, the star might be facing a serious backlash.

    This has not happened for the first time, five tracks has already been hacked and leaked online. The studio released them on iTunes officially to manage the crisis of original content but putting up 14 demos is not going to be enough.

    Meanwhile the aim of the hackers seems to be bearing fruit as people are already shaping their opinions about how many tracks they do like the sound of. These opinions will of course reflect on their decision to actually buying the album. That is if they have not heard all the tracks already. 

    Madonna is infuriated by this invasion on her art and has urged her fans; ‘The Rebels’ to respect the art and remain unaffected. She /4/have forgotten that this is the cyber age and unless she can make and market her art sensibly, she is going to loose way more than her tracks and clients.

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