2 More Rape Allegations on Bill Cosby

2 More Rape Allegations on Bill Cosby

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It seems that the allegations just won’t stop.

A new development took place in Bill Cosby’s sexual allegations when one more woman has claimed that she has also been a victim of this guy. This woman makes it 7 for Bill Cosby. The woman in an interview with WPTV in West Palm Beach (via NYTimes) has accused comedian Bill Cosby for sexual assault.

The woman, Therese Serignese, 57, a registered nurse explained on the interview that she was drugged and raped by Bill Cosby after one of his shows at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1976 when she was 19. Serignese explained that she met Cosby in a gift shop and he invited her to watch the show and also gave her a front row seat.

After that she went with Cosby to an after-party where she was given three large pills by Cosby and she took them as she could not refuse. She was hen sexually assaulted by the comedian. She also revealed that she stayed at Cosby’s penthouse for a few weeks and he only let her go when she told him that she might be pregnant.

However this was a false alarm and Cosby stayed in touch with her for quite some time. Even when she got into financial difficulties Cosby sent her money as help. Serignese also explained why she did not reveal her story at that time and she stated that that era was different from now and that people would not have believed her. Moreover she would have been humiliated but now times have changed and she wants an apology from Cosby. 

The second woman who has also blamed Cosby is Joyce Emmons. Joyce used to run comedy clubs back in the 1970’s and 80’s. She used to be close to the comedian in the 70’s and also used to hang with him in Vegas. Joyce explained that Cosby was never a drinking man nor did he used to do any drugs but even then his drawer used to be full of drugs which included ‘Quaaludes’.

She told TMZ her story and said that one night she was offered a pill by Cosby as she was having a sever migraine. She took the oil and then blacked out. When she woke up in the morning she was nude in bed with Cosby’s friend, who had earlier tried hitting on her. 

These allegations for sure have caused damage to Cosby’s image and career. Cosby was all set to appear in Broadway Center in Tacoma, Washington on April 18th, 2015. However, now TMZ reports the show has been cancelled and this is due to the possibility of a boycott. Other venues in Vegas, Tucson, Illinois and South Carolina have also cancelled Cosby’s appearances.  NBC, Netflix and other cable networks have also cancelled their projects with Cosby. 

Cosby’s lawyers are still saying that these allegations are false and decades old. They are saying that the accusations are now becoming ridiculous and need to end. Although the comedian still has made no comment about these allegations. It seems Cosby is feeling the heat!

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