3D Printed Device Cracks Any Combo Lock in 30 Seconds

3D Printed Device Cracks Any Combo Lock in 30 Seconds

Credit: Applied Hacking

  • A Device Was 3D Printed That Could Crack Combo Locks In 30 Seconds

It looks like the master lock is of no use as a device was recently invented that could crack combo codes within seconds.

So a hacker in California is known for his lock cracking. He recently invented a 3D-printed machine that could crack a rotary combination lock within seconds. He has also released the plans on the internet so now anyone could make this lock cracker. He has even given the developers the code to make the software.

Samy Kamkar recently told the world about a flaw in the Master Lock combination. He told the world about how the dial interacts with the shackle. He also said that it was a moderately tricky thing to do.

He also said that a software would be required to break the master lock. This guy has now mechanized the process with the Combo Breaker device. This device uses a stepper motor to rotate the Master Lock combination dial.

The servo motor is there to try and open then mechanism. Then there is an Arduino chip so that the software could be run. Then there are 3D printed parts to house the lock. These printed parts are there for a firm fit with the dial controller.

So if you slip the Master Lock into the device, the Combo Breaker would take about five minutes to find the combination. This takes five minutes which is not at all helpful.

If you use this hacker’s method to prime the device by finding the first digit to the combination by hand which is very easy to do, then the Combo Breaker would only take 30 seconds to break the code.

Now there is nothing to worry about as this Combo Breaker isn’t able to break all Master Locks. This hacker has always been a menace to society. This is not the first time he has been a problem for the society as at age 18 he co-founded Fonality which is a multimillion dollar communications company.

After that he seriously got into hacking. He also created the Samy worm and released it into MySpace which forced the website to be shut down temporarily.

Source: Applied Hacking via Wired

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