$532.9 Million Not Enough for Smartflash, sues Apple yet Again

$532.9 Million Not Enough for Smartflash, sues Apple yet Again


Apple Incorporated is being sued yet again by Smartflash over patent usage. Already Smartflash won $532.9 Million in a lawsuit against Apple and now it is accusing it of reusing the concerned patent after winning the first court case.

Smartflash, a Texas-based firm was lucky enough to grab $532.9 million from Apple over certain private patents that it claimed Apple used in its products. But now it is suing Apple for the second time in a row regarding what it says is the same patent copyright infringement issue.

The technology was employed in Apple products without prior permission of Smartflash. Among Apple’s high tech ware that had the patent in them /4/be included the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2. But that is history.

The case has been amicably settled and both firms seemed to have buried the hatchet. That is until now. On Wednesday the new revelation came about. And Smartflash is known to lend its patents even though it doesn’t make them all by itself. It was in the permission department where Apple seems to have faltered and now it has to pay the price. 

“Smartflash filed the complaint to address products that came out too far into the last proceedings to have been included,” Smartflash’s attorney, Brad Caldwell, told Reuters. “Apple cannot claim they don’t know about these patents or understand that they are infringing. A diligent jury has already rejected those arguments.”

Apple execs have chosen to remain silent over this latest litigation proceedings. It appears to be the case that Smartflash /4/be carrying things a bit too far in its greed. But it does have a point and in a litigious society like the United States, if there is an issue the only solution for both parties to the dispute is to sue the hell out of each other.

Apple is expected to seek a revision and appeal the verdict not to mention the fresh allegations brought against it. There are about four new patents that have been included in the previously foreshortened list of illegally employed copyright goods.

Of course, the difference that the money lost to Smartflash will make in Apple’s budget will be minute indeed. Currently Apple is worth over $700 billion which is frankly speaking a whole lot of greenbacks. It is one of the most creative and leading edge organizations in the world.

On a par with Google, Microsoft and Facebook, Apple has a reputation in gold that it maintains and jealously guards. Tim Cook spoke of how he didn’t want to see other firms take unfair advantage of the situation where they could sue his company over the slightest pretext. That was because this could set a precedent that would then undergo copycat behavior in the corporate sector.    

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