$550 Fine for Going Near George Clooney’s Home

$550 Fine for Going Near George Clooney's Home

Mayor Roberto Pozzi just issued an ordinance against anyone who gets out of their car or boat while within 100 meters of Clooney’s villas.

In an effort to stop paparazzi and fans from trespassing onto Clooney’s land in Italy, Mayor Roberto Pozzi has threatened a €500 fine against anyone who Clooney has not directly invited onto his property. The Telegraph reported that the ordinance came after several paparazzi were trying to get onto his property via boat.

The ordinance states that anyone who comes within 100 meters, even if by accident, is susceptible to the news. This is after Clooney’s much-publicized wedding that featured approximately 5x more press and paparazzi than has ever been in the small Italian town. Clooney’s two homes, Villa Oleandra and Villa Margherita have been met with fans who just walk right up to the door and ring the bell.

The Telegraph also states that Clooney initially asked for help from the Mayor in order to protect his wife, Amal Alamuddin, his entourage, and himself. 

This is the second time the Clooney has had special treatment from the Italian government. Just last year he had the same protection placed on his Lake Cuomo home. At the time,

At that time, Mayor Pozzi said, “These prohibitions are necessary because there have been unpleasant episodes in the past, for example people going right up under the windows of the house and yelling the actor’s name.” He also claimed safety, “The ban on congregating in the road behind the house is for safety reasons – the road is very narrow and it would just require a small crowd of people gathering there for the risk of accidents to increase.”

Clooney and Alamuddin are currently battling divorce rumors, which /4/be a reason for the abrupt need for privacy.


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