57th Annual Grammy Awards Preview

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  • The Star-Studded Occasion that is the 57th Annual Grammy Awards

The rock, pop and rap star-studded occasion that is the 57th Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast live on the upcoming Sunday. A very talented cast of award-winners, both male and female musicians and singers, will be shown at their peak of performance.

The 57th Grammy Awards are coming up. And the long list of musical stars and starlets that razzle, dazzle and then again bedazzle will most likely go on and on when the lit-up show is shown across the nation not to mention the rest of the world. Some of the highly rich and famous celebrities of the music jungle that is America will partake in a celebration of the human voice supplemented with musical instruments and sound effects. Below are a few highlights of the event: 

Flying Kisses from Katy

Katy Perry will win two Grammys this time around. Katy, who just finished wrapping up her Super Bowl performance will belt out “By the Grace of God” before the audience. This one is from her album which is titled Prism. Katy is an icon in the making and her name is synonymous with wild and wonderful innovation in the musical world. She has had the honor of dining with President Obama and in Katy’s own words it was a dream come true since she is a democrat. 

The Killer Instinct of Kanye

While Katy is the last person to be nominated, another addition on the roster is the mercurial and miraculous Kanye. Kanye West of Yeezus fame will surely be up there on the stage showing his stuff. Kanye too will be receiving two awards like Kate. His rapper’s delight of “Bound 2” is bound to prove mind-blowing for ears everywhere. Kanye has been controversial for his views and he was once rude to Taylor Swift (for which he later on apologized).   

The Truly Tailor-Made Taylor Swift

Good old country songstress, Taylor Swift who sang the inimitable Blank Space will be getting three Grammys this year. And while she will not be present at the event, since she is currently on her 1989 tour, the lady has already been gracious enough to thank her fans and well-wishers for the accolades and support she has received and due to which she is living it large today.  

Bootylicious Beyonce introduces Two Boys

While Common and John Legend will reportedly sing the song “Glory” from the movie Selma’s OST, they will be introduced to the audience by none other than a very special personality. And that is Beyonce Knowles. Jay-Z’s wife will sing a song that was the favorite of MLK as shown in the film Selma. Common and John Legend confess that it is a source of extreme pride to be present on stage with Beyonce. Her presence will literally make their day.

Sam Smith Sings Smoothly and Suavely

The handsome and hip Sam Smith will be the 10th nomination for four Grammys in the same genre. His number titled Stay With Me has a spiritual theme and is romantic to boot. It has been termed the song of the year which is a big boost to Sam’s ego. The singing sensation is happy as a hippo in mud and he’ll probably present himself on the show in tiptop condition (fashion-wise and personality-wise both).  

Pairs Made in Grammy Paradise

Some of the very passionate and prolific pairs of singers and musicians that will create a spark in the dark at the Grammys include Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX who will sing Fancy with panache and powerful moves. They are getting the award for the first time. Then Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj will start banging with Bang Bang. Their performance is tops and will hopefully wow the crowd too. Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga with their Anything Goes show postmodern culture in all its moral and cultural relativism. Disclosure with Mary J. Blige shall present “F for You” and Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood will queue up for Something Bad.  

Last Minute Additions

Some of the latest musical maestros to be included in the award categories have some big names among them like Beck with his new age music. Then there is Brandy Clark. Herbie Hancock, John Mayer and Questlove are three other final additions who made it on time to be a part of the music fest. And last but not least Ed Sheeran and Sia made the grade too. Ed with his red hair and mischievous grin will fascinate the onlookers like he did in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which took place not too long a while ago.  

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A Few Other Factoids 

  • Taylor Smith receives one for her Shake It Off. She has changed her style of musical delivery and the road less taken has made all the difference. 
  • Pharrell Williams is going to be there too. He is a very musically artistic man who is a sucker for female company too. 
  • Hozier with his Take Me To Church will strike a delicate balance between the secular mainstream with his religiously-inspired choral symphony. 
  • Meghan Trainor will present All About That Bass with vocal vivaciousness and vitality. She has class and a classically competent background.  
  • Miley Cyrus, the wild child of pop, has received a nomination for a number from her Bangerz Tour just like her father did many years ago. 
  • Coldplay are in the mix too. They are true musicians who hit the open road with an open mind for they know that is where good things really start.
  • The band Slipknot is up to its usual extremist shenanigans. And as a death metal group of hardcore hustlers, they have made the cut. 
  • U2 with Songs of Innocence are not about to miss the Grammys. They still have it in them to churn out many more melodies and tunes. 
  • All eyes are on that material girl, Madonna who is at the center of the storm.
  • Sam Smith is the voice of Britpop. He will be as popular as The Beatles although that is where the comparison ends since they were a group while he sings solo. 
  • Iggy Azalea’s remark about Eminem /4/prove to be her Waterloo. Let’s wait and see. 
  • Sia is a real winner and /4/outshine everyone else. 
  • The person who will rule the roost will probably be none other than Taylor Smith. 
  • Among some of the other living legends that will grace the happening /4/be included Paul McCartney (remember his unforgettable Yesterday), AC/DC (they are indeed Back in Black), Rihanna (Miss Congeniality will Take a Bow), Adam Levine (he will be far from a Payphone) and Gwen Stefani (undoubtedly!)…


And Some More Grammy Gossip before Departing…

Selena Gomez is Unsure

Selena Gomez, the erstwhile girlfriend of Justin Bieber is unsure whether she will attend the event or not. She has taken to a new love interest and so she and her novel Mr. Right will only grace the occasion if that bad boy Justin does not show his face. Talk about letting bygones be bygones!

Bob Dylan is the Best

The singer and musician Bob Dylan is a super-genius and highly regarded composer of tunes unheard before in time or space. His Mr. Tambourine Man and The Times are A-Changing made waves when they hit the airwaves. Such songs as Forever Young and Every Grain of Sand have made their way into the Musical Hall of Fame. He will especially be presented with several accolades and titles at the Grammys this year for his contribution to the genre of experimental music. Bob was there before there was even such a thing as music. He beats the rest of the musical artists hands down! 

See the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominees.

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