Aaron Hernandez Kissed Babysitter 2 Days Before Odin Lloyd Murder

Aaron Hernandez Kissed Babysitter 2 Days Before Odin Lloyd Murder

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  • Baby sitter Jennifer Fortier testified to a grand jury on Monday that Aaron Hernandez kissed her two days before Odin Lloyd’s murder on June 17, 2013,

A babysitter named Jennfier Fortier testified in court on Monday and said former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez kissed her two days before the murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd in June 2013.

Aaron Hernandez’s former babysitter has testified in court, saying he kissed her just days before Odin Lloyd’s murder almost two years ago. 

According to MassLive.com’s Brian Steele, Hernandez kissed Jennifer Fortier just before a party at his Franklin, Ma. apartment ended. One of the guests was Lloyd. 

Fortier told jurors that Hernandez and his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, hired her to be their daughter’s babysitter in April 2013. Steele says Hernandez paid her $20 per hour and even signed a non-disclosure agreement before she started taking care of the infant. 

Fortier was hanging out with friend in Boston’s theater district in the wee hours of the morning on the Friday night before Lloyd’s murder. She noticed Hernandez and his friends inside an SUV so she approached them, per MassLive.com. 

She then tells the jury Hernandez let her and her friend inside the vehicle. Fortier felt uncomfortable. She said,”I was the nanny. I thought he was just driving me to my car.”

Fortier then recalls how Hernandez invited her into his car, per The Boston Herald’s Bob McGovern. She quipped,”As I was walking, I looked over, and there he was. He saw me and said,’Hello–get in.'”

After they got in, Fortier noticed Lloyd sitting in the front passenger seat. A younger male companion sat with her and her friend at the back. “The three men smoked marijuana, sang with the radio, and Hernandez drove them from Boston to North Attleboro, where he dropped the younger man off, according to Fornier,” McGovern says.

Once Hernandez, Lloyd and the two women arrived at the Franklin apartment, Hernandez took out some wine. He then asked Fornier to join him in the bedroom. That’s when Fortier said he tried to kiss her, per The Boston Herald

She said,”He tried kissing me. He kissed me and I pushed him away and I said,’No, I’m your nanny. I can’t do this.'”

Fortier confessed she kissed Hernandez back but stepped out of the room afterward. Hernandez then passed out on the bed while Lloyd slept in the living room. Fortier then took a taxi going back to Boston, per McGovern. 

Aside from the kissing incident, The Boston Herald update says Fortier also “identified potentially damning surveillance footage from that night.”

In it, Hernandez was seen carrying a dark object in his living room which prosecutors claim was the .45-caliber gun used in Lloyd’s murder. Hernandez was also seen conversing with co-defendant Carlos Ortiz in the same room. The former then picks up his daughter, Avielle, and kisses her. Another co-defendant named Ernest Wallace steps in moments later, per McGovern.

At past 1 a.m., the three men board a Nissan Altima sedan in Hernandez’s garage and then drive off. According to The Boston Herald, prosecutors say this was when they picked up Lloyd at his Dorchester, Ma. home. Two-and-a-half hours after they left, Lloyd lay dead in a North Attleboro industrial park about a mile away from Hernandez’s residence. 

Fortier testified that Ortiz and Wallace arrived at Hernandez’s house while the former Patriots tight end and his fiancee were out celebrating Father’s Day that year. Fortier was babysitting the couple’s daughter on the day of the murder. 

Lead prosecutor William McCauley cited the surveillance video which showed Wallace and Ortiz arriving after midnight. They knocked on the door and Fortier let them in. She remembers them saying,”Hi to the baby.” She was asleep on the living room couch. 

On March 3, Travis Anderson of The Boston Globe reported that state trooper David Mackin testified Hernandez left a fingerprint on the alleged getaway car, a rented Nissan Altima. Lloyd’s, Wallace’s and Ortiz’s fingerprints were also found on the car. 

Defense attorney James Sultan refuted Mackin’s claims, insisting the state trooper is not a certified International Association for Identification fingerprint analyst. Mackin countered by saying he underwent the necessary training and even took several proficiency tests. However, Sultan didn’t let up, saying print identification is not an exact science, per Anderson. 

One of Hernandez’s house cleaners, Glaucia Dos Santos, told the jury via an interpreter she saw him fiddling with the home security camera on the day after Lloyd’s murder. She said,”He was using his hands for three to five minutes on that camera.”

Two other house cleaners testified to the jury a week ago they saw guns inside the house during the weeks before the murder, per The Boston Globe.

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