Aaron Schock resigns after Mileage Reimbursements Scandal

Aaron Schock resigns after Mileage Reimbursements Scandal

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The young Illinois state congressman resigned on Tuesday after incriminating evidence about dishonesty in requesting his mileage reimbursements from the federal government was gained by POLITICO.

Lawmaker Aaron Schock recently resigned on Tuesday after questions came to surface regarding his lavish lifestyle and reimbursements from the federal government. Schock supposedly billed the federal government for many thousands of dollars in mileage compensations for his personal vehicle.

Schock billed the government during the period from January 2010 till July 2014 with a supposed 17000 miles for his Chevrolet Tahoe. However the journal POLITICO obtained public records that detail the Chevrolet Tahoe owned by Schock had only 80000 miles on the odometer. Therefore the Illinois lawmaker had billed the federal government a whopping 90000 extra for repayments for non-existent campaign duty trips. 

Schock had been under scrutiny for some time now as his Instagram posts showed him to be leading an extravagant lifestyle and some people believed he had unethically disposed of government funds and grants. 

Schock quickly rose in rank in his party of GOP since he decided to stand in elections in 2008. As a state legislator Schock was probably the most promising member of the party, probably due to his young age and offered the party a chance to update its image. Schock was so well liked and famous as a lawmaker once he even graced the cover of the Men’s Health Magazine. As Schock’s reputation grew he started spending more on luxury hotels, restaurants and even private jets.

From 2010 to 2014 Schock billed the federal government on a monthly basis for reimbursements on mileage of personal vehicles, as Congress members and staff can request repayments for vehicle mileages spent during government duties.

In a statement Schock said he will be resigning with a heavy heart and having served the people of the 18th district in Washington for which he was elected is the greatest accomplishment of his life. Schock’s representative gave another statement citing Schock has returned all the payments he received from the federal government since he joined the office. 

Schock had expensive spending habits as he repaid the federal government 40000 dollars he used to redecorate his office so it could resemble the set of the English period drama ‘Downton Abbey’.

Other reports of spending were also recorded when Schock used custom jets for his travels. Some analysts are stressing the resignation by Schock himself at such a time is incriminating enough to prove he had been using the money and funds of the federal government dishonestly. Potential candidates such as Darin LaHood are lining up to fill the vacancy created by Aaron Schock’s resignation.


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