ABC beats NBC as ‘World News Tonight’ becomes the Most-Watched News Show

ABC beats NBC as ‘World News Tonight’ becomes the Most-Watched News Show

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The ABC Network has snatched the news viewership title from the NBC Network. It looks like World News is way more popular than Nightly News.

NBC’s Brian Williams is absent without leave. That of course makes ABC’s David Muir the anchor with the most rancour. This is ABC’s victory in matters having to do with news reporting while NBC happens to be the loser and has taken a fall as regards its popularity ratings by Nielsen.

The reason is of course Brian Williams who is currently under suspension. The young adults and middle aged love watching ABC’s news commentary. They can’t pull themselves always from the television screen. It’s been almost a month and ABC is the topmost network as regards the news. 

And while the two networks do tend to have a sibling rivalry among them, this has proven a boon for the viewers since the competition ensures that the best content is striven for. Brian Williams of NBC lied about certain facts during the Iraq War and so is currently on a six month hiatus.

That has pretty much slowed things down at NBC which is facing a slump. There are those who suspect that Williams will simply not be welcome back as a news anchor after his faking of the news reportage. 

Lester Holt is filling in the vacancy left by Williams. However, the difference in popularity is very slight and /4/be bridged any moment. Lester has done a brilliant job of taking over the tough tasks from Williams. He /4/in fact become a permanent fixture on NBC.

The news channels are all in the habit of presenting the news in a palatable manner and yet they also see to it that nothing but the truth gets relayed to the viewers. For this talent and tact not to mention poise and passion are required especially on the part of the news anchors.   


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