ABC News takes us inside Apple Watch Health and Fitness Lab [Video]

ABC News takes us inside Apple Watch Health and Fitness Lab [Video]

Engineers and managers have volunteered to work in the lab where the fitness functionality of the watch is being tested.

Thanks to an exclusive interview done with ABC News at this crucial time when the Apple Watch hype has reached its peak, we have finally got the chance to see the company’s secret health and fitness lab where all the activity features are under development. The video interview discusses the potential benefits as well as the role of the upcoming watch on the fitness levels of users. It features Jeff Williams who introduced ResearchKit on stage earlier this month along with Jay Blahnik who takes us on the tour inside this test facility of Apple.

Williams describes how the engineers and managers have volunteered for the performance of various fitness activities which include rowing, running, yoga and much more. All these activities are being carried out at the test lab so the company can check the functionality of the Apple Watch as far as the fitness area is concerned. It is being said that these Apple employees who are taking part in the experimental fitness activities had not been told about the Apple Watch device specifics.

According to Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of operations, “[The employees] knew they were testing something, but they didn’t know it was for the Apple Watch. We hooked them up with all the masks and so forth, but we would put on an Apple Watch covered up.”

The fitness lab also constitutes of various climate chambers so Apple is considering the different environments in which users all around the world would be using the watch. Jay Blahnik explains this while touring the facility and also added that the Apple Watch has been tested for climates ranging from that of Alaska to the one in Dubai.

As we are all aware of already, each of the Apple Watch models feature a heart rate sensor which measures the intensity of the workouts along with an accelerometer which collects the movement data using the WiFi+GPS from the iPhone in order to study the speed and distance.

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