ABC’s Scandal and The Limited want you to dress like Olivia Pope

ABC's Scandal and The Limited want you to dress like Olivia Pope

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Kerry Washington’s joined with Scandal’s costumer designer and The Limited to create show-stopping pieces for Olivia Pope fans at an affordable price.

Fans of Scandal‘s Olivia Pope: don’t destroy any The Limited stores this fall.


Kerry Washington broke the news earlier this week and Women’s Wear Daily expanded the information.

Rosemany Feitelberg’s “Kerry Washington Talks The Limited Scandal Collection” discusses how the collection came to be. 

Washington, Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo, and The Limited head designer Elliot Staples all worked together to create the pieces. And the Emmy-nominated star’s name isn’t just slapped on.

“It’s been really fun to have a voice at every stage of the production from picking buttons, choosing fabrics and weighing in on hair and makeup people.”  Pregnant during the process, she used Skype, email, FedEx, texting, and conferences in-person and online to keep in touch.

One aspect all fans should be thrilled for is the price. The chic and sleek style that defines Olivia Pope will cost between $49 and $248. Clients will be able to purchase signature pieces at a much lower cost than Giorgio Armani and Christian Louboutin.

Note specific designers don’t inspire the clothes, though. And she didn’t play favorites among the designers who personally dress her like Jason Wu.

You can expect to see some of the pieces on ABC‘s megahit. With 42 pieces to choose from, the show will have a lot to options to pull and rework—a key thought in Washington’s philosophy. Talking to Bluefly last year, it was apparent a woman’s closet is less like an endless supply of clothes and more like reused favorite pieces that act as sleek armor when needed.

Diane Ellis, chief executive officer for The Limited, agrees with the sentiment. “Her character represents a confident, powerful, but real and kind of vulnerable woman.” And their female client is probably “dealing with her own version of complexity” yet still wants to “always looks fabulous.”

When Ellis joined the company nine months ago, she noticed the young professionals shopping but felt the company was “a little unfocused on our personal style point of view.” 

There’s another clear definition for Washington and this collection, too: no personal political motivations even if Scandal is all about political intrigue. While political life is important to the 2012 Democratic National Convention speaker, she doesn’t want to confuse personal and private. “My politics are very separate from the show. I mean, Olivia Pope works for a Republican.” 

She adds, “I am involved politically because we live in a democracy and we all as Americans have the right and the responsibility if we choose to be involved in that way.”


A very smart decision since trending on social media and PR will be a main focus to the collection’s advertising. Feitelberg mentions that a cross-promo with ABC /4/be the works as well.

Starting in late September, fans of the shows will be able to purchase the products at one of the 250 retail stores or online. Good timing since that’s around the time of Scandal’s fall season.


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