Adam Sandler’s New Sci-Fi Comedy ‘Pixels’ Trailer released

Adam Sandler’s New Sci-Fi Comedy ‘Pixels’ Trailer released

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The trailer features Adam Sandler as gamer who is fighting an alien invasion of video game characters.

Sony released the trailer for it’s brand new sci-fi comedy ‘Pixels’ starring Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage and Michelle Monaghan. The trailer starts with an inspiring sequence of a space shuttle launch which was initiated to establish contact with other life force.

They sent their most excellent examples of their life and culture. The culture included a collection of video games such as Pacman and Donkey-Kong and many more. Apparently it was a peaceful endeavor according to the trailer. Unfortunately it was not taken in the same sense by the aliens. 

The hostile nature of the games is interpreted by the aliens as a threat of invasion. Before any human attack comes their way, the aliens get creative and send spaceships that are capable of giving the humans a taste of their own medicine.

The new invaders are the video games’ characters, literally. Pacman devouring cities and cities and Donkey Kong destroying buildings and humans alike so the specialists are called in. The specialists happen to be middle aged gamers played by Adam Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage.

The fate of the world depends on the success of these men and according to Sandler’s character, we can do this. Later on he admits, “who am I kidding, we’re all gonna die.” 

There’s also an issue up for debate that whether Pacman is a good guy or a bad guy. When the creator of Pacman shows up, he still has hope until Pacman bites his hand and kills him. The best feature of the movie has to be the cars that the gamers will be baiting the Pacman with that are in the same colors as the ghosts in the game.

Peter Dinklage looked cool with a slick back hairstyle and Michelle Monaghan is supposedly playing a military officer who would be their handler probably. The guys head out in blue and black body suits to fight the game aliens. 

The movie has been directed by Chris Columbus based on the script written by Tim Dowling and Tim Herlihy. The movie is actually based on a short movie by Patrick Jean. Mark Radcliffe and Allen Covert are the producers of the movie along with Sandler and Columbus.  

Watch official trailer of ‘Pixels’ below.


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