Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Producer Jeffrey Bell Previews Season 2 Finale

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Producer Jeffrey Bell Previews Season 2 Finale

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A peek is lent into the Agents of SHIELD by Marvel Comics. The divulging snippets reveal a lot about the series’ narrative.

The second seasonal finale of Agents of SHIELD shows some new happenings and outcomes that are pretty interesting. Among the nitty gritty scenes are ones of destructive influence, total chaos and snappy action sequences that never seem to end. Dichen Lachman who plays Jiaying has a bunch of special crystals that turn out to be a dud.  

Armed with the crystals, she attacks the SHIELD ship and her Inhuman forces are right by her side. After the putsch is complete, the leader orders the Terrigen crystals to be scattered in the four corners of the world.

This is basically a strategy to annihilate all of humanity and awaken the Inhumans who are in a form of suspended animation. Skye played by Chloe Bennet tries to put an end to the scheming plans of her mama. The crystals undergo osmosis at the ocean floor and become benign fish oils.  

The battle starts now on the season finale of Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD!Posted by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Tuesday, /4/12, 2015

The “what’s next” question is what will be the fate of the crystals. Will they harm or hurt mankind or will they be as harmless as vitamin supplements. Ward who is Brett Dalton in reality, feels that SHIELD is the reason Kara is no more with them. He plays the blame game to the hilt. As he does some soul searching, he finds it in himself to find at-one-ment in self-acceptance and self-growth. 

Yet the old grudges resurface and Ward returns to his original roots. He is with Hydra once again and the Agents of SHIELD better watch out. The Secret Warriors are there too an an auxiliary force just waiting to be released to do their stuff with command and presence. One of the characters loses a hand in the process of fighting for his life. It was cut off by an opponent and now he has to do without one of his God-given manual tools.

Simmons meanwhile has her own agenda and her fate awaits her as she becomes part of the Kree Stone. It is all a series of unexpected shocks and surprises that Agents of SHIELD have in store for the audience.

The level of consistency in action and deeds done for the sake of saving humanity (not to mention your fellow beings) are simply the stuff that legends are made of. A salute goes out to the makers of this Marvel series. 

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