Al Jazeera America Fires CEO Ehab Al Shihabi

Al Jazeera America Fires CEO Ehab Al Shihabi

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  • Al Jazeera America fire the chief executive in tumultuous times to take a step towards better

Al Jazeera had three employees leave and facing a wrongful termination lawsuit under the regime of chief executive Al Shihabi who had to be let go to revive the network from a complete failure.

The Al Jazeera America network has been at an all-time low competing with the cutting edge American media magnets and it got worse with the regime of a chief executive Al Shihabi. With the stakes raising high, the atmosphere in the newsroom got worse to worst.

Al Shihabi was a consultant before being hired two years back at the network and had no prior experience with journalism. This led to his disagreement with the journalists over misreporting news and obstruction of facts to ‘create fear’.

The general employee population was not happy with him. Although he believed that they could be made happy. This led to an unpleased work force leading three female employees to leave the network.

Marcy McGinnis Diana Lee and Dawn Bridges were the three executives that had to leave before another Matthew Luke filed a lawsuit against his boss Osman Masud for being .Anti-semantic and a sexist. McGinnis described the work environment under Al Shahibi’s regime as being ‘fearful’.

Luke’s lawyer, Kimmel encouraged his client and all those taking a stand against the work oppression that they had faced. Although nothing was said or done regarding Al Shahibi’s dismissal in a morning routine meeting with other executives. The whole network received the new via an e-mail announcing Al Shahibi’s dismaissal.

He will be replaced by former CBS journalist, Al Antsey. Al is a dedicated journalist whose easy going style and compassion for journalism is the hope to bring a new era to the falling network. McGinnis admitted that bringing in Antsey was the right move when the station could shut down anyway for attracting less viewers and less figures and ratings.

Antsey is excited to be working in the US again and ensured that he will do his utmost best to revive the channel for the better and make it move ahead with lengthy strides

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