Alaska Officially Allows Marijuana Consumption

Marijuana Consumption officially allowed in Alaska

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  • Marijuana Becomes Officially Legal in Alaska

Marijuana consumption has been allowed for those of a mature age in Alaska.

Any adult /4/now smoke a spliff in Alaska. Marijuana usage is officially legal starting from today in the ice cold state of Alaska. The ban on the soft-core drug was done away with after much deliberation and debate. More than half the state’s citizens voted in favor of marijuana use.

Alaska is the third state after Colorado and Washington that has decided to legalize marijuana. Those young adults that are above 21 years of age /4/be the owners of an ounce of marijuana. And they /4/also grow up to half a dozen marijuana plants in their own back yards.

Finally, additional caches /4/be stored for future use by these drug imbibers. However, marijuana won’t be sold in chemists’ shops until next year. That goal is still way off in the future. Some lawmaking needs to go into effect before that objective becomes a reality.

Till then, the best that can be done is ownership of small amounts and the home-grown horticulture of this mildly intoxicating drug. The shock factor related to marijuana usage has pretty much worn off. What was once upon a time considered odd and downright criminal has now become a common occurrence. It /4/be frowned upon yet there is no severe penalty that goes with the smoking of a joint. 

Pretty soon it might be that not smoking marijuana will be the real curiosity. Strange to say, society’s rules undergo many permutations and the end results are sometimes very confusing and bizarre. Nevertheless, many of the legislators are still wary of the whole deal.

They want to test the waters before they take the final plunge. Already adverts proclaiming the responsible usage of marijuana are beginning to appear all across Alaska. It is rather like the admonition to drink alcohol responsibly.

In fact, the smoking of a spliff carries pretty much the same psychophysical consequences of taking to the bottle. Therefore caution has to be exercised otherwise disaster stares the user in the face. The uses of marijuana /4/be recreational but it also plays a role in pain relief.

Especially people who are the victims of chronic pain due to diseases such as cancer /4/be in dire need of marijuana on a daily basis. However, one thing to keep in mind is that throughout the rest of the United States (not to mention the world at large) marijuana usage is a crime.

At present there are only pockets of society that allow the free smoking of reefers. Such ultra-liberal states as the Netherlands have legalized it too. But the rest of the global village will need to undergo some evolution (or rather a revolution or two) before it gets ready for the uses and abuses of marijuana.

According to HuffPost, among the many marijuana users of the past and present /4/be included the late reggae musician Bob Marley and the currently famous rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg. 


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