Alicia Witt and Mary McCormack invited aboard House of Lies

Alicia Witt and Mary McCormack invited aboard House of Lies

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The two beautiful stars, Alicia Witt and Mary McCormack, have been invited aboard the television show, House of Lies.

Two gorgeous ladies, one a brunette and the other one a blonde, will be making appearances in the comedy series, House of Lies. And they are none other than Alicia Witt and Mary McCormack respectively. The latter will play the character of Denna a hard-as-nails, goal-directed, investment expert that is hired by Marty (played by Don Cheadle) to save the sinking Kaan & Associates. 

The former will characterize Maya, a genius engineer who lends the selfsame Marty a helping hand when he is stuck in a rut. While Mary has acted in “In Plain Sight” before, Alicia has done a stint in “Justified” too. Both have their talent pools that they can draw valuable material from for the sake of the acting experience. 

Among the others who are already on the show /4/be included: Larenz Tate, Demetri Martin and Valorie Curry. They have appeared in Rush, The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Following. 

The wheel got rolling for House of Lies the previous month. Based on the famous book by Martin Kihn, House of Lies is a full 30 minutes of riotous laughter that will make you bust a gut. Cheadle, Kristen Bell, Ben Schwartz, Glynn Terman and Donis Leonard Jr. make up the list of stars that show their stuff on the platform of the show. 

The situations are comic, hilarious and offer much stress relief for those too busy to stop and smell the roses planted on the sidewalk. It is definitely show time with these talented stars on the comedy series that is all set to entertain the hell out of the over-serious among us. 

It will force laughter to erupt from their throats whether they like it or not. Both Mary McCormack and Alicia Witt have lots of ability to derive situations from saturations. They can really up the ante and tickle your funny bone in a strange way. Stay updated regarding House of Lies which has its fourth season coming up shortly.   

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