All Watches banned by Universities because of Apple Watch

All Watches banned by Universities because of Apple Watch

The first Universities are enforcing policies against wearing any watches during exams because of the Apple Watch and other smartwatches.

If you have been cheating your way through University with your Pebble until now, you better get back to learn the stuff. Universities are going ban all watches from the exams. Watches will be treated like mobile phones. You either leave them at home or put them in a bag under your desk. The awareness of the issue is mostly driven by the Apple Watch, but inventive students sure have already discovered the potential of existing smartwatches for cheating on exams.

According to Buzzfeed, the London City University and other British Universities have already policies in place.

This means Ivy League students have to take off their fine Rolex they got from Dad too. As Switzerland is getting into the smartwatch game, there is no telling which watch is smart and which not in the near future.

There are already designs out their with transparent screens that can display digital content floating over a mechanical watch face. The save way for Universities is to ban any watches and I also would recommend any wristbands.

Universities should also keep an eye on small earbuds, aka Hearables. These can be smart too.


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