Alyssa Milano is angry at Heathrow for confiscating her Breast Milk

Alyssa Milano is angry at Heathrow for confiscating her Breast Milk

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Alyssa Milano shows her displeasure with Heathrow Airport for confiscating her breast milk on Twitter!

Heathrow airport confiscated Alyssa Milano’s breast which led to a string of angry tweets from the mother of two. Milano expressed her disappointment on twitter on Thursday.

The actress landed on Heathrow airport in London England and was carrying pumped breast milk in bottles. According to Milano her breast milk bottles were confiscated while going through the airport security, for which the actress slammed the international airport. 

On twitter Milano wrote the airport security took away about 10 ounces of her pumped breast milk and all of it is gone, which is not okay with her. The airport authority told her she could have kept the breast milk with her if she had her baby with her, but Milano explained why she would even have to pump the breast milk if she had her baby with her. 

The 42 years old actress further protested by asking the @HeathrowAirport in her tweets if they could have tested her shampoo, lotion and other toiletries easily and found them safe, but didn’t think her breast milk was safe enough. Milano shared how two bottles of her breast milk weighing 5 ounces were thrown away without any discussion and it made no sense to her at all.

Heathrow airport responded to the tweets by saying the government require all liquids to be carried in only 100 mule bottle when an infant is not present.  

Milano then responded by tweeting she is not mad at the security personnel who were doing their jobs but there should be better protocols by the government.

Milano shared how every ounce of milk she produces for her son is a miracle and having watched it thrown away was heart breaking for her. Milano stressed there need to be better policies for such issues and she is glad to have started the dialogue on the issue.  


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