Ancient Lost “City of the Monkey God” Unearthed in the Jungles of Honduras

Ancient Lost “City of the Monkey God” unearthed in the Jungles of Honduras


An ancient city has been unearthed deep in the jungles of Honduras. Termed the City of the Monkey God, it represents the cultural milieu of those bygone times in an almost intact state.

A trip to the inner regions of the dense and thick Honduran rain-forest has brought an old city that remains untouched by time to the light of day. The site has never been explored before and it will surely yield a ton of information about the lost culture of the inhabitants of the region.

The group of explorers and anthropologists went in search of and found the area which was known as the White City. It had an alternative epithet in the form of The City of the Monkey God, according to National Geographic. The mystery and sense of awe surrounding the finding is simply too much.

About a millennium ago, the region gave birth to a flourishing and thriving culture of relative advancement. There were market squares, earthen artworks, hills and knolls as well as a pyramid that were among the discoveries.

However, the culture had mysteriously disappeared without a trace shortly after its genesis. What caused this extinction remains an unexplained conundrum. 

Furthermore, a number of rock carvings remained in the loci of the site and the discoverers that found them were amazed by their findings. While the Mayan civilization which lies in close proximity has been fully explored, this one has not even been named yet.

It is a completely new oddity of sorts. The untouched state of the ancient city is a very strange occurrence. Some of the material found at the base of the pyramid /4/have been a sacrifice to the gods. About five dozen precious objects were dug out from the rubble. And it is indeed a possibility that there are many more still lying buried beneath the ground.

Royal thrones as well as delicate pots with designs of serpents, mythological creatures and vultures carved on them could be seen among the exhumed stuff. One of the most fascinating artefacts obtained from the soil was the head of a “were-jaguar” which probably belonged to a medicine man.

This lends further credence to the fact that the city had a rich ritual life. Most of the artefacts that were unearthed were left in the same state as they were found at the site. And its exact location has not been aired so as to prevent thieves and dacoits from stealing the precious objects of art and culture.

Three years ago, the site was surveyed from the aerial heights by aircraft. It is one of the last few nooks and crannies left untouched on the planet. Supposedly, the local Indians hid from the Conquistadors in olden times in this pristine locality.

The White City had been a passion of many archaeologists. The recent attempt at pinpointing the region and then unearthing its treasures proved to be successful though. 


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