Angelina Jolie: A Woman of Wisdom and Wild Ways…

Angelina Jolie: A Woman of Wisdom and Wild Ways…

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She Shocks by her Sheer Show-Woman-Ship…

A Golden Earth Goddess of Endless Beauty…

Full Name

Angelina Jolie Voight (Which she later changed to simply Angelina Jolie due to differences with her father, the actor, Jon Voight. He was interfering too much in her life and she had issues with him due to the fact that he had cheated on his mother and left them.) 

Date of Birth

June 4th, 1975 (She was born midway when a rebellious age was ending and a reactionary one was coming into being. This is reflected in her life when she changed from a bad girl to a good woman.)

Cause of Name & Fame

Screen Siren and Film Maker not to mention a Dame full of Charity for the Downtrodden. (She admits that it is far more important to be a teacher than a movie star.) 


“I love women and men equally and I see people and love as love, so I think it makes sense that a woman would know I’d appreciate and love her as much as I would a man.” – Angelina Jolie

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A Few Facts at a Glance…

The word Jolie means “Beautiful” in French. And indeed, as everybody will agree with me, Angelina is a very vivacious and voluptuous woman that makes the men wild with a single glance that she sends their way from the safety of the silver screen. Were she present in their company, they would explode with sexual fervor. She is a vamp and a vixen alright. And the world wants more of her on an addictive level. 

Her father and she have serious issues between them. Whatever went wrong somewhere in childhood and teenage couldn’t be resolved and she ended up estranged from Jon Voight. When she took to engaging in knife-play and self-harm not to mention a zillion drugs, Jon got worried about her mental health. But she shrugged him off. Later on she sought rapprochement with him after the death of her mother.  

Angelina has one too many tattoos on her body beautiful. She has one on her toned abdominals which says “what nourishes me also destroys me”. Then there is another challenging one that states “a prayer for the wild at heart…trapped in cages”. 

She had her first husband’s name written in her blood on the front of her T-shirt. And she also wore a vial of her second hubby Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck hanging as a pendant on a necklace. Billy too had a vial of Angelina’s blood hanging from his neck.

Angelina got her true calling in the form of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The movie went on to inspire a cult following and also had spinoffs such as a video game of the same name. Angelina had to spend her time perfecting a clipped British accent and improving her martial arts skills. Her acting in the film is intelligent and impeccable. 

She was reviled as a “Womb Raider” after Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston high and dry. While she denied any wrongdoing on her part, in fact, she had played a role in the breakup of Tinsel Town’s golden couple’s marriage. On the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Brad and Angelina were attracted to each other and before you could say oops…she was pregnant with his baby. 



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Life Story…

Angelina Jolie was born in sunny and nature-loving Los Angeles to an actor and actress named Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. She was very close to her brother from the beginning of her life. Later on when she kissed him on the lips at an awards ceremony, the rumors began circulating about there being an incestuous relationship between them. But she rejected the label and said that it was pathetic on a talk show.   

Jolie has German, Dutch and French blood running through her veins. She even claims to have at least one Indian ancestor, but this is a tall tale according to many. Her parents separated when she was just a year old and she remained angry with her pops for deserting the family and also for being a big cheat.  

She chose acting as a way to funnel her creativity and excess energy. To this day Angie (as is her nickname) denies that she really ever needed psychotherapy. To her acting in front of the camera’s lenses is the ultimate release and catharsis. Without this channel and way to vent out everything in her life she would be either mad or a criminal. 

After spending time at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, Angie started getting many small roles in movies. Her first big break came with Cyborg 2 in which she played a bionic woman. While in her teens, Angelina had a live-in boyfriend. And she started cutting herself and became a generally bad girl with tattoos. She dressed provocatively and tried everything from pot to heroin. One fine day though she graduated from heroin to being a heroine.  

Her role in Hackers and True Women not to mention Playing God did not win her much recognition. Fame still lay a million miles away. The really big break came with the film Gia though where she portrayed a very chaotic and choosy real life model that died of AIDS. The way she portrayed the character was simply the best. It was more than a realistic portrayal and imitation of Gia Carangi, the model, on screen. 

After playing a role in Pushing Tin with Billy Bob Thornton, she went on to marry him. But the two soon separated. From there onwards fame would come easily to Angie. She participated in films such as The Bone Collector, Girls, Interrupted and Gone in 60 Seconds. Especially in the second one of these three films, she played a Jack Nicholson-like role (think One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest).  

And then the dam burst…

Angelina has gone on to star in such blockbusters as: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Original Sin, Life or Something like It, Taking Lives, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, A Mighty Heart, Wanted, Salt and Maleficent.  

She has recently played a part in Unbroken and also co-wrote the script for and will co-star with her hubby Brad Pitt in the movie By the Sea. 

Jolie has become famous for various other things besides her movie career. She is one of the world’s sexiest women alive on the scene, and is the most wanted American female for a date among males. Her humanitarian work includes visiting over 30 nations to lend succor to refugees and the displaced. Besides her biological kids from Brad, she has adopted three children which include a son named Maddox. Angie has participated in the Beyond Borders project too. 


“First and foremost comes my family and my life with Brad. We have so much joy in raising our children and teaching them about the world that nothing really compares to that.” – Angelina Jolie

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She recently had a double mastectomy in order to prevent any chances of breast cancer to which she was genetically susceptible. 

She has remained one of the highest paid actresses in recent years. And she is a powerful symbol of change and redemption. Angie is proof that anyone can achieve anything provided the mind and spirit is put to the grindstone. 


  • Hackers
  • Gia
  • Pushing Tin
  • The Bone Collector
  • Girl, Interrupted
  • Gone in 60 Seconds
  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
  • Taking Lives
  • Alexander
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • Wanted
  • Changeling
  • Salt
  • Maleficent

Awards and Accolades…

  • Emmy Award
  • Golden Globe Award
  • Screen Actors Guild Award
  • Academy Award
  • BAFTA Award

Quotable Quotes…

  • She refuses to be labeled a bad girl. Rather Angelina believes that she has greater love of life than others. That is why she is obsessed with death. 
  • About her past knife-playing and self-harming ways, she said that when you combine deadly things with a tendency towards self-expression, terrible actions occurred as a result.  
  • She has made peace with her father. And while he is a great actor, in her opinion she is also a good father. 
  • She once said that if she caught Billy Bob Thornton cheating she would not kill him but beat him up instead. And she had memorized his injuries so she knew where to hit him hard and inflict the most physical damage. 
  • She is reconciled to the fact that one day she will die like the rest of the people on this planet. There is in fact something almost peace-giving about the whole death scenario.  
  • And she thinks outside the box. By moving outside domestic life as a woman, she has discovered a brand new world and a wild frontier in the form of films and global recognition. 

Angie, you are Awesome and Angelic in a Devilish Way! 

/4/you Make Men go into Convulsions of Conflict!

Nobody thought Being Bad could feel so Good!

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