Anonymous reacts on Charlie Hebdo Attacks, hacks French Jihadists Website

Anonymous reacts on Charlie Hebdo Attacks, hacks French Jihadists Website

  • Anonymous declares a social media war on Jihadists

Anonymous hacktivist group brings down a French Muslim jihadists website in retaliation of the terror attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo

The attack on Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine devastated people all around the world and France witnessed its largest rally ever in condemnation of the attack that left 12 in its wake. The people said that they have to practice their freedom without anyone terrorizing them. They vowed to battle all the agencies and figures that threatened their freedom of speech.

The protestors said it and the hacker group titled Anonymous took the charge. They are a hacking group that exists on Twitter that have been active against other agencies that have been threatening the freedom and integrity of the people including government agencies, children pornography sites, Scientology sites and Klu Klux Klan. Their latest target seems to be the French Muslim jihadist site by the name

The Anonymous group claimed responsibility for bringing down the site. According to experts, the hackers used a DDoS attack which is flooding the site that causes it to shut down. It was a temporary effect that lasted for a few hours and the group claimed responsibility for the attack. By the time they released a YouTube video in which they made an open declaration on the Muslim agencies which are involved in terrorism. 

The man in the video wore a Guy Fawkes mask and declared the sequence of their intentions on the video. They also launched a movement on Twitter as @OpCharlieHebdo in consolidation with the Charlie Hebdo magazine. 

They claimed that it was their first attempt with many to follow. They claimed it proudly on their Twitter and said they will shut down every site that is involved in any jihadi movement. They are not representing the French people though.

The people walking in the protest expressed that they definitely stood against the attacks of terrorism but they also expressed concerns that the wrong people would be targeted for these attacks including innocent Muslims and that would not be right. This attack is a bird in flight attack that might result into religious battle.

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