Anti-Discrimination act to be named after Apple CEO Tim Cook

Anti-Discrimination act to be named after Apple CEO Tim Cook

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Again a breakthrough by Apple’s CEO, an anti-discrimination act for Alabama.

Alabama’s Representative Patricia Todd, a democrat is moving ahead with plans to name an anti-discrimination act after the famous Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Plus she also has the support of the technology giant Apple in this. 

Tim Cook the Chief Executive of Apple made headlines back in October when he had revealed to the world that he was gay. So the bill which will prohibit discrimination against state workers based on sexual orientation is going to be named after Tim Cook as announced by Patricia.

Cook last month had also criticized his home state for being slow on granting equalities to minorities and the poor. In October Cook had taken a brave step by declaring that he was gay.

He explained that he always kept his life private but now he did not want to. He stated that he was not ashamed to be gay and that he did not want anyone to hide their sexual orientation. He also added that Apple was one such company that never discriminates against anyone.

This is maybe why Apple has given a full out support to the Alabama legislator to go ahead with the anti-discrimination act. However Patricia explained that as soon as she had announced about her plan of naming the act after Tim Cook, she received a call from Apple and was told that the company did not want to be involved in any political debate.

She explained that she agreed on changing the name but then she received a call from Bruce Sewell who is Apple’s general counsel and senior vice president of Legal and Government affairs. Bruce apologized to Patricia and explained that there was an employee that was trying to protect Apple from controversy but the company will support you in this act all the way.

Patricia also stated that Bruce told her that Cook was very happy that his comments are bringing a change and that he has helped others who face discrimination. Tim Cook has always raised his voice for anti-discrimination measures and Apple as a company has always been recognized for its LGBT-friendly policies. 

Patricia Todd who is Alabama’s only openly gay legislator said that she plans to carry on with this anti-discrimination bill that aims to provide protection to the states gay, lesbian and transgender employees from discrimination, even though she explained that the battle in the legislature is difficult as the Republicans outnumber the Democrats.

She expressed that she wanted Tim Cook to come to the legislature and share his thoughts on the bill, especially its value in attracting business and talent to the state which is socially still very conservative.

Todd revealed that she had extended an invitation to him and she knew that he is a busy man but it would be highly appreciated if he could manage his time and come. It finally seems that Tim Cook’s dream has come true and discrimination would be stopped in the state of Alabama. 

Sources: AL , Reuters


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