Apple Allowed To Sell The iPhone 6 In China

Apple Allowed To Sell The iPhone 6 In China

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Apple has now been granted a license for their latest device

Apple announced the latest model of the iPhone on September 9 and it was exactly what millions of people have been waiting on. A faster phone with a larger screen was perhaps exactly what they needed to make sure they could defeat Samsung and this was it. China, unfortunately, wasn’t a place that it was available due to problems with the government there.

Apple has to acquire specific licenses in order to sell devices in the country and they were unable to get one for their latest phone. In July, the Chinese government raised concerns that there were security problems that would put their people at risk, including government officials. This was in response to Edward Snowden’s revelations that the United States had been spying on friends and enemies in order to gather data. China said Apple had a hand in this and used backdoors to make data reachable.

After jumping through several hoops, though, and working hard to make sure that the Chinese government is satisfied, Apple has now been granted a license for the iPhone 6. Starting on October 17 the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus will both be available for sale at $860 and $990 respectively.

There are over 1 billion subscribers in China who all have access to high speed networks that Apple devices would thrive on. With this massive potential market, and plenty of bootleg offerings that are much cheaper, they have to hurry and get in on the game if they want to make it their own. They have already been disappointed in China with past models, so offering this latest edition as quickly as possible is a vital move.

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