Apple and Comcast in Talks to Launch Streaming-TV Service

Apple and Comcast in Talks to Launch Streaming-TV Service

Apple and Comcast have held parleys regarding some matters of mutual interest. In particular, the sharing of streaming-TV services between the two companies on Apple’s set top boxes got discussed.

Apple and Comcast seem to have joined hands for a common purpose. And while the meetings between top execs from both sides are still in their nascent phase, the ball has been set rolling. If a contract is signed between the two, there could be greater cooperation and provision of services to the public. 

Apple is a most wonderful company and Comcast is the best cable provider in the world. And when two creative organizations get together there is cross-fertilization of products and services. 

Apple wants its services to be free from any snags and glitches in the system. Currently that is the problem it is facing. The more there is a concentration of traffic in a certain region, the greater the hiccups that keep occurring in streaming. 

Therefore, Apple needs Comcast’s help. And Comcast itself needs a bit of a pick-me-up for its progress. The two are thus partners in time. And although Microsoft’s Xbox One and Roku both are making inroads into the market, they have not challenged Apple TV just yet. 

Comcast would be the ideal shot-in-the-arm that Apple requires so desperately. With creativity and innovation taking on a greater role than in the past, Apple will be making the transition to an even more aggressive policy of radical reinvention and rediscovery. 

“Apple and Comcast aren’t close to an agreement,” told one person familiar with the talks to WSJ. “Delivering the service quality Apple envisions would require Comcast to make significant investments in network equipment and other back-office technology, according to people familiar with Comcast’s thinking.”

Comcast meanwhile has already bought TWC for $45 billion. The FCC on the other hand is instituting Net neutrality rules in place. These will ensure the end of all slowing down of Net services by providers. And this sure is a good thing. 

Apple TV currently costs about $100. And Apple expects more from its own staff and workers. As the future beckons with open arms, the company will have to literally force itself to grow even further. And only then will it have reached its full potential.  

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