Apple and Pinterest launch App Pins to install iOS Apps from Curated Pinterest Boards

Apple and Pinterest launch App Pins to install iOS Apps from Curated Pinterest Boards


  • The Coolest iPhone and iPad Apps come courtesy of Pinterest.
  • Apple plans to launch its own Curated App Store Board.

Apple partners with Pinterest to launch “App Pins” that allows iOS users to directly download iPhone and iPad apps from curated Pinterest boards without going to App Store.

Quite a lot of additional information has been added to Pins over the years. This has made the platform very lucrative and interesting indeed. There is Recipe Pins for the culinary ingredients to a good meal. And there is Product Pins for all sorts of consumer durables.

Finally, there is Article Pins that features news and written material. If however you happen to be operating your iPhone or iPad then you will notice applications related to Pins on it. You /4/download all the apps you like from Pinterest.

All you have to do is click install and upload the application to your iPhone or iPad. And you will never need to leave Pinterest at all. There are more than a million apps in Apple’s App Store.

Thus there is free choice as to which app you /4/want to select for your own good. However, sometimes this selfsame system leads to overchoice. There is no getting away from the confusion and frustration that the extreme number of alternatives on display present to the buyer.  

Thus without just going for whatever it is you want, the act of selecting the right app from millions is a formidable task. Pinterest however has the perfect nostrum for this malady. You /4/now come upon novel apps without even frequenting the Apple App Store.

App Pins is the answer that solved this problem with acuity and intelligence. Pinterest has done a lot for various fields of interest. Now it is also doing the same for apps. With App Pins, the application /4/easily be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.

The universe of apps is now at your service. Pinterest is known for helping individuals choose whatever activity they want for their own benefit and betterment. And over 75% of Pinterest users have their own smart phones.

Ultimately this service on this particular cyberspace platform will boost an interest in alternative things and lead to the opening up of exciting vistas.

Whatever it is that one person likes will be shared with others and a sense of camaraderie and comradeship will be engendered. The Pins feature will boost creativity in a range of activities and make the art of interesting stuff a genre unto itself.   

Source: Pinterest

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