Apple Electric Car connected with Mysterious Apple Van Sightings Video

Apple Electric Car connected with Mysterious Apple Van Sightings Video

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An Apple electric car /4/be in the works. This is to be seen since it appears to be connected with mysterious van sightings in Palo Alto.

A mysterious van with cameras mounted on its roof was spotted in the Palo Alto region of California recently. This /4/have implications for the Apple electric car. As rumor has it, the van is being used to perform experiments in order to pave the way for Apple’s electric car.

Yet there are also other voices in the wilderness. They say that the purpose of the mystery van is to chart out the surrounding regions for building Apple Maps. But it seems the electric car is still an initiative that is alive and well.

MacRumors has posted the video footage of the mysterious Apple van driving past Juana Briones Park on Clemo Avenue which is a residential side street and it is located approximately 10 miles away from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. Watch the video clip below.

Apple has obtained the services of many experts on automobiles regarding its top secret project. There is even talk of a self-driving vehicle somewhere in the works. Seeing the fact that other companies such as Google and Tesla are already engaged at a breakneck pace in alternative vehicles, Apple is not a company to be left behind. It has already made plans to increase its repertoire of products. 

Apple’s electric vehicle is meanwhile at the forefront of its schemata. The patent for the car has already been filed. It involves the use of computers in a car. Thus it is more of an electronic work station than a vehicle.

And the truth of the matter is that within the next generation or so, there will be a 50% increase in the electronic and silicon-based components in vehicles whether they come from Tesla or Google or Apple.

Apple on the other hand has a style of not letting the public know about its pet projects up until the last moment. This silence and hushed-up attitude is something for which it has become especially famous.

Apple’s notoriety for keeping things under wraps has provoked the nosey nature of the media to go into hyper drive. There are however no comments from Apple this time around too.

The Apple Watch is another component that is in the supply line. It will require the utmost confidence and care to make it functional and fit for public usage. As for the electric car or Apple Maps deal, maybe Apple is trying to kill two birds with one stone via its mystery van.

The sensors in the van might help out in devising new electronic interiors for the electric car and they /4/also help map the surrounding environs. Thus Apple /4/be playing out a dual policy with its strange vehicle in a strange land. 


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