Apple Ends Another Patent Troll Case

Apple Ends Another Patent Troll Case

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Apple didn’t wait long to call them “trolls”

Apple has found themselves in court with patent holders more than once, but the latest case with GPNE upset them in particular. The company was seeking $93.7 million in damages, although it didn’t turn out the way that they had hoped.

GPNE was claiming that nine Apple products infringe on patents that they own, including the iPhone 5, iPad 3, and the iPad Mini. The patents cover wireless data communication, of which the company owns 30. With that in mind, Apple held off on calling GPNE a “patent troll” in court, although it didn’t take long for them to lay it all out once the court ruled in Apple’s favor.

In an email sent out to the company, a spokeswoman for Apple said that GPNE is nothing more than a “patent troll” and they only want to extort money from the company over patents that are 20 years old. “Patent trolls” are something that Apple has been dealing with for years now, with 6,000 claims being filed nationwide. Apple itself has been sued over patents an incredible 60 times in 2013 alone.

This isn’t going to be the last patent lawsuit that Apple finds themselves in. When you are on top of the game like Apple is, this is part of doing business. The Cupertino company is already owed millions in damages from other companies, although they are likely happy just to be out of court.

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