Apple is designing its own Electric Car?

Apple is designing its own Electric Car?

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  • A Warning for Tesla: An Apple Car is in the Works

Tesla has been rightfully warned in the nick of time. An Apple Car is in the works and it might outdo Tesla Motors. Apple is hiring chief automotive executives and engineers, for its top secret project to build an electric car named ‘Titan’.

In today’s world ‘Apple’ is not just simply the humble fruit but the name is synonymous to the technological giant producing the most innovative gadgets for the past few decades. Apple has numerous teams dedicating to researching and discovering innovative products from all possible avenues, and most of the products are never mass produced, only unique items are selected and introduced to the world. 

After the release of Apple’s latest edition of smart watches and the iPhones last year, reports surfaced of a secret lab being set up. And we have already told you earlier this month that Apple has been granted a patent for mysterious electric vehicle. If recent reports are to be believe Apple /4/be about to launch its biggest venture ever. 

The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal have reported that Apple /4/be in works to develop an electronic car. Many senior industry individuals have dismissed the reports as just a rumor, citing the idea as far-fetched because Apple does not manufacture.

However current events provide a different inclination, as Apple has been hiring experts in automobile technology and design to work in the new top secret lab in Silicon Valley. Even dozens of already existing employees are being disposed to work on vehicular research. An undisclosed source shared that three months ago he would have believed Apple was working on ‘Carplay’ but now he believes the direction is towards building a car. 

According to another source, Steve Zadesky, a veteran who has been with Apple for 16 years, is overseeing the automobile research project. The Wall Street journal reported on Friday that the supposed electric car project being led by Zadesky is code named ‘Titan’ and the initial designs resemble a minivan. 

Apple is keeping the whole matter hushed up. The choice is Apple’s alone. It could change direction midway and choose to put the electronics and ultra-modern batteries in other products instead. Apple constructs prototypes for many of its inventions and these get built even if the final product never reaches the marketplace. However, this time it seems the company is dead serious about building an electric car. 

Zadesky also led the teams that developed the original iPhone and iPad and has been making regular trips to Austria for meetings with vehicle manufacturers. Apple’s own staff includes former employees of automakers. Marc Newson is one of these. Marc is the one who built a concept car for Ford. The dreams of Apple have to do with leaving behind an imprint on electric cars just like it did in case of the smart phone.  

The rumors of retarded growth at Apple have been quelled via the 30% increase in profits recently. A long list of products lie in the future. Furthermore, many employees who were ready to leave the company have been retained. Tesla Motors meanwhile has seen a widening gap between its expectations and reality. Apple has hired some extra talent to help build its electric car. The manufacture of a novel vehicle is a very burdensome task, both financially and labor-wise. Elon Musk of Tesla recently admitted the fact that it was a backbreaking task to invent a car from scratch. 

But Apple’s executive chief Tim Cook believes automotive industry is an area where Apple can make an impact and their first venture into the vehicle world ‘Carplay’ /4/be the key to the future. Whether a car /4/actually be in development or not, Sir Jonathan Ive the head of an Apple’s design team has been meeting up with potential automotive executives and engineers. Recently Ive recruited the head of Mercedes-Benz’s Silicon Valley R&D unit.

Apple is definitely up to something as far as its electric car is concerned. But it will keep the consumers guessing. Apple’s biggest rival Google and other traditional car makers such as Tesla and Detroit have been trying for years to come up with an electronic car. If Apple succeeds in producing electric vehicles it will be a major threat to companies such as Tesla and /4/even give them a run for their money. 


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