Apple Pay Activations hit 1M in First 72 Hours says Tim Cook

Apple Pay Activations hit 1M in First 72 Hours says Tim Cook

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Tim Cook explained Apple Pay’s position in free payment systems recently in a one-on-one interview. And he also stated that Apple Pay activated more than 1 million cards within first 72 hours.

Ever since Apple Pay’s debut, it has gone from strength to strength. Tim Cook, its CEO, has sat down for a detailed interview in which he said that Apple Pay was #1 in contactless payments. He reiterated the point that it equalled more than the rest of the players in the field. 

Within a span of 72 hours, Apple had triggered the activation of a million credit cards. Cook furthermore said that Apple Pay had seen success and that he had received more emails than he had encountered in a lifetime. 

The system was positively glowing with energy. Cook spoke of how he had merely to use the phone and it was a “Eureka” moment when everything just dovetailed in a lovely way. 

Tim himself uses Apple Pay (believe it or not). Cook also spoke of the CVS and Rite Aid skirmish. He said that in the long run the two corporations will return to the fold. They could not last long on their own in the wild world out there.  

Apple Pay is thus going to pick up speed despite some hurdles along the way. It is an excellent system that can make life easier for every individual in society. Competitors such as Google have their own obstacles that they need to overcome before they can become fully competent to take on Apple Pay’s system. 

Payments made via a smart phone could be the very future of e-commerce in the West. With the spread of mobile phone technology in most advanced countries, this facility could become as common as tap water. And the revenues that will accrue into Apple’s coffers are phenomenal. 

More than a million cards being activated in a mere 72 hours time duration is a miracle indeed. It shows that Apple Incorporated still has what it takes to shine out in all its resplendence. The corporation has both name and fame and those two qualities are based on its products which are the best in the Global Village.   

Source: The Verge , WSJ

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