Apple Pay launches Oct. 18 at Walgreens

Apple Pay launches Oct. 18 at Walgreens


A leaked internal document says that Walgreens will start to accept Apple Pay starting Saturday Oct. 18.

Walgreens is one of the announced Apple Pay launch retail partners. Apple has so far not given a specific date when Apple Pay will launch. Earlier we featured a rumor that the iOS 8.1 release that enables Apple Pay on the iPhone 6 would come on Oct. 20. Now a leaked internal Walgreens document says that Apple Pay will be available at Walgreens on Saturday Oct. 18. This would mean iOS 8.1 comes on the same day or earlier.

Apple is holding the iPad event on October 16. I expect now that Apple will release iOS 8.1 on Friday, Oct. 17. See the leaked document on MacRumors.

As reported last week, Black Friday will be the first big test for Apple Pay. While the big Black Friday stores like Walmart and Best Buy. Macy’s though has announced to support the Apple Pay system. The list of stores include Bloomingdales, ToysRUs, Sephora, petco, Nike, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Staples, Disney Store and of course Apple Stores. The Apple Black Friday Sale is very popular despite the small discounts. It could be an advantage on Black Friday to pay with the iPhone 6 to save time in the register queue.

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