Apple starts Black Friday Sale by offering RED iTunes Gift Card on Purchase of Products

Apple starts Black Friday Sale by offering RED iTunes Gift Card on Purchase of Products



Now an Apple RED iTunes gift card is available on the purchase of products from its superstores.

All you have to do is purchase Apple products and you will get a gift card in return that will be worth its weight in gold. The start of some retail therapy with the coming of Black Friday means that pricey stuff will get swiped from the stalls and shelves in a hurry and that too on discount rates.

Upon buying various Apple gadgets you will automatically get a (PRODUCT)RED iTunes Gift Card that will allow you to make some lucrative savings. You /4/buy what you like with it at the store. And with the gift card you get, a donation will go towards the struggle against AIDS.

With an iPad you get a $50 gift card. With a Mac you get a $100 gift card. An iPhone lends you a $50 gift card. And an iPod lets you in on a $25 card. If you purchase an Apple TV you will get the same amount on the card as previously stated. Upon buying a Beats headphone you get $25 again.

Apple TV: $25

iPod touch, iPod nano: $25

iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C: $50

Select Beats headphones and speakers by Dr. Dre: $25

iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini : $50

iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Retina iMac, Retina MacBook Pro: $100

Whatever the case, Apple’s deals for Black Friday are set for an economic stimulus package for the entire nation. The promo will last exactly 24 hours. The offers can be availed online as well as in the stores.

Other retailers besides Apple are also jumping on the discount bandwagon. And they are not just in it till the end of Black Friday. They are in it for the long haul and have even begun operations today.

These include Best Buy and MacMall which offer up to $200 off on Macs. Best Buy is even giving up to a hundred bucks off on iPads. Target lends $140 off on many products. Sam’s Club has a deal too as regards the iPhone 6. It subtracts a hundred bucks off its cost price. Product stores in cyberspace such as Twelve South and Speck offer lucrative deals too.

Application merchants are lending discounts on their myriad apps. The Black Friday deals will pique the appetite of Americans for economic prosperity and abundance of resources and goods. The deals are very attractive and they are offered for a limited time only so the only advice that can be given to shoppers is to hurry while the offer is still extant. 

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