Apple to Launch its own Web TV Service

Apple to Launch its own Web TV Service

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  • Apple Now Wants To Run Its Very Own Web TV Service

With all that has been going around Apple in the past couple of weeks, now Apple have decided that they want to start their very own web TV service and it is reported that some of the top Apple officials have been in contact with TV programmers to talk on the issue.

Apple never stops to amaze us. They were the ones that told us that we didn’t need big phones like the other companies were making and said that they make things that were comfortable to use when they were launching their iPhone 5 and 5s.

Now just a year later they came up with those big phones and sold millions of more units and this year was their most profitable year ever. Turns out people are not looking for comfortable instead they want giant phones and Apple’s Tim Cook thought that his audience was waiting for giant Apple phones so why not just give it to them.

Now the company is looking to start its very own web TV service. They have always been curious about the TV business and they wanted to get into it for a long time. But there never was a great time or they never had the right guidance to get into the business.

Apple’s Industry executive was talking to the media and he told them that the company is going to start an over the top pay TV service. So here is what the company is looking to do. They put together bundles of programming and they will sell it to the consumers over the internet.

So Apple isn’t doing anything new as they are just doing what any other company is doing and that is providing web TV service. Apple will be simply making an interface for their service and will be providing its own version of web TV service.

It is still pretty early for Apple as they still haven’t decided how much they are going to charge their customers for the TV service. Apple tried to start its very own monthly subscription service and they charged $30 for a month.

After that they used a number of other techniques but they never got off on the right foot. This is why this time around Apple is again going to try to crack in to the web TV service business and this time they will make sure to become one of the giants of the service.

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