Apple To Run First Ever Public Beta For IOS

Apple to run First Ever Public Beta for iOS

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A new report says that Apple will run public betas of iOS starting next month.

Apple is reportedly releasing iOS 8.3 as a beta to the general public. So far iOS beta version were strictly for developers. Apple has started last year to release public beta of OS X. Apparently Apple had a good experience with the OS X public beta program and is now extending it to the mobile operating system. At least this is what the sources of 9to5Mac claim.

Public betas for software are actually very common and save companies debug resources. There is though a fine line that should not be crossed. A public beta should already be reasonable stable and functioning as expected. If the release is unstable even hard-core fans will be put off.

The rumored public beta of iOS 8.3 will be the third beta. So developers have already run through two iterations before the public will get their hands on it. The first ever public beta for iOS will be limited to 100,000 according to the sources. The public beta of OS X had a limit of 1 million.

Apple is supposed on mission to make iOS more stable and reliable. Stability is rumored to be the focus of iOS 9.

The new features in iOS 8.3 include support for Wireless CarPlay, better Emoji keyboard, better voice for Siri, and quicker login for Google services.

Between iOS 8.3 and iOS 9 will be iOS 8.4 that integrates the Apple music streaming service based on the Beats Music service. Apple has acquired Beats last year.

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