Apple Watch and Tag Heuer Watch Get Along

Apple Watch and Tag Heuer Watch Get Along

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I am one week into owning an Apple Watch and it has been better than expected. I wear now two watches. On the left my Tag Heuer Monaco and on the right the Apple Watch.

A week ago I got my Apple Watch Sport Space Grey 42mm. As I wrote back then, I was concerned how the Apple Watch would fit into my life as I don’t want to give up wearing my beloved Tag Heuer Monaco. The solution was to configure the Apple Watch to be wearable on my right wrist.

I use my left hand to tap the screen and operate the crown. It took a bit of training as I am a right hander, but now it has become quite intuitive for me to use my left hand on the Apple Watch. I still need to get quicker putting on the Apple Watch. The sportband is a bit tricky to put on using my left hand to close it, but that has already improved quite a bit compared to a week ago.

After functionality was sorted out, the question remained if people comment on me wearing two watches, but the whole week nobody pointed that out despite some asking about the Apple Watch. 

There is another side effect of wearing a watch on each wrist. I am less compelled to take off my Tag Heuer while typing on the keyboard. There is a certain feel of symmetry having something around each wrist. Kind of weird, but it feels good. 

Apple Watch and Second Watch

As reported over the last days, I had a lot of positive experiences with the Apple Watch including to finally adopt Siri. What appeals to me most about the Apple Watch in general is that there is no need to fiddle with anything. It just does it. I never was into measuring my self, but the Apple Watch makes it so easy that I do it now and its great to know how far I ran and what my heart rate is doing. 

The big downsides right now is the lack of cool Apple Watch apps. I don’t find anything really compelling yet besides the built-in apps. The other issue is sweat. The Apple Watch touchscreen is getting unresponsive with sweaty fingers. Apple needs to expand Siri to also use voice commands to push the buttons on the screen. For instance be able to end a workout. Siri can’t even close apps yet (she says that herself, when you ask her to). Siri can only launch apps.

The Apple Watch has a great future ahead. It is a luxury gadget, but it is useful and adds convenience. On top of that I feel good wearing it, a feat only the Tag Heuer Monaco accomplished for me before.

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