Apple Watch Apps are still Humdrum

Apple Watch Apps are still Humdrum

There are over 3,500 Apple Watch apps, but the most useful are so far the built-in apps. Most apps are minimalist version of an iPhone apps.

I own an Apple Watch now for a couple days. Besides the sweaty fingers issue during workout, the Apple Watch works great. I have though a hard time finding apps that enhance the functionality of the Apple Watch. Tim Cook said that there are over 3,500 apps by the end of April. This is factors more than developers had ready when the iPhone and the iPad launched. This nurtures my hope that there will be more inspired apps coming that are not just minimalist versions of iPhone apps. 

There needs to be a generations of Apple Watch apps that only work on the Apple Watch or do something much better than its iPhone version. Take for instance the hyped New York Times Apple Watch app. It was the first app I installed, but it is not compelling for me to read headlines on the Apple Watch. If I want to read news on the go, I pull out the iPhone.

The most value right now besides the pre-installed apps offer apps for cars like Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. These apps allow to use the Apple Watch as remote controls for their cars, almost like in Knight Rider.

The Uber app appears to be also adding convenience for frequent Uber users, cutting down the interactions to call an Uber. The examples of really great Apple Watch apps are only a handful at this point. Apple also holding back developers on some features. For instance the Heart Rate Monitor is Apple Apps only at this point. 

Google launched a couple days ago their first Apple Watch app with Google News & Weather. This app is not adding anything unique. Google, I have an idea for an Apple Watch app for you that I would install right away and even pay for. Give me the Real-time stats display of Google Analytics on the Apple Watch.

This would be an incredible feature for webmasters. Add custom notifications when traffic hits certain levels would be added goody. I constantly need to know what traffic looks like to make decisions on social promotions or generating additional content to satisfy demand. 

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