Apple Watch have Issues with Tattoos

Apple Watch have Issues with Tattoos

Credit: Apple
  • Apple Watch Has Problems With People Who Have Tattoos On Their Wrists

Apple Watch heart sensor will have problems if you have tattoos on your wrist.

According to several reports Apple Watch has had some issues with people who have tattoos on their wrists. The Apple Watch will not work properly for people who have tattoos. A lot of users on social media sites have claimed that the Apple Watch loses connection and it also reports inaccurate heart rate results if it is placed on tattoos.

You should definitely check out this video to learn more about the problem. This problem is very annoying because the Apple Watch starts asking the user about the security PIN as soon as it detects it has left its owner’s wrist.

This problem even happens when you are strapped in. Apple recently conducted some tests and they came to a conclusion that the inked customers will have problems with the watch. Apple said that Dark, solid colors give the sensor a lot of trouble.

They said that when they tested on solid black and red, they received misreading of up to 196 BPM. And after that the watch failed to read skin contact entirely. Whereas if you have lighter tattoos, they will give the watch less troubles.

But still there will be some problem in the readings. If you have patterned tattoos, then there is a chance that your watch might work effectively. iMore reported that it depends on the specific tattoo design.

Apple wrote some warnings on their website and said that even under ideal conditions, Apple Watch /4/not be able to get a reliable heart rate reading every time for everybody. Apple also said that for some users, it might be impossible to take heart rate reading at all. Here is how the company manages to take your heart rate.

Accoridng to The Verge, Apple said that blood is red because it reflects red and absorbs green light. This watch uses green LED lights which are paired with light sensitive photodiodes which are able to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist any time.

So by flashing the LED light hundreds of time per second, Apple Watch can calculate the number of times the heart beats each minute thus calculating your heart rate.


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