Apple Watch Plastic OLED Displays will be supplied by LG

Apple Watch Plastic OLED Displays will be supplied by LG


LG Display will make p-OLED displays for the Apple Watch.

LG is already tipped to launch its Android Wear Urban smartwatch at MWC 2015. And now a recent report by JP Morgan analyst JJ Park claims that LG will supply plastic OLED displays for Apple Watch. LG’s Android Wear Urbane smartwatch is said to have a p-OLED display. 

So much in demand is its p-OLED display that it plans to make quite a few for the all-new Apple Watch too. Apple Watch is the wave of the future. It is going to be the #1 product in the entire wearable industry for the times which are yet to come. 

All eyes are on Apple to see where it goes from here. Thus Apple’s new producer of p-OLEDs will be none other than LG. And that is going to be on an exclusive basis. JP Morgan’s JJ Park claims that LG Display will be the “sole vendor for p-OLED for Apple Watch”.

Apple is going to be commanding the shipment of millions of watches this year. The bonding between LG and Apple is one which is everlasting. They are like two peas in a pod. Already the Korean behemoth has fitted Apple’s iPads with their high res screens. Now with the plastic OLED displays being provided by LG for the Apple Watch, the relationship has been cemented even more so. 

And as the sole manufacturer for Apple, LG has reason to feel immensely proud of itself. LG is an avant-garde producer of the latest designs and objects. It has even made flexible lighting panels. Apple’s requirements thus will be met with the utmost discretion and completion. 

However, the sheer numbers that are required make the task a daunting one for LG. Billions of dollars worth of bills will have to be paid by Apple though so that will even the score. Apple has its very own in-group which specializes in producing contraptions for the Cupertino giant. 

As for the Apple Watch, it will probably get launched sometime in April of this year. Beyond the Apple Watch lies the iPhone 6S which is another nascent project by Apple. With its 32GB storage capacity, this smart phone will trump the others in a jiffy. However, first things come first and the Apple Watch needs intensive care in its manufacturing. 

JP Morgan is responsible for announcing the major suppliers of Apple. And LG is way up there at the top of the list. LG’s future too looks secure since it will earn a lot of money from its supply side. As for the plastic OLED displays, they come at $45 per unit. And LG will make heaven and earth meet in order to ensure that they are in accordance with Apple’s stringent standards. 

Sources: Barron’s Asia, IBT, JPM


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