Apple Watch Will Ditch the Car Keys and Remind Users to Exercise

Apple Watch Will Ditch the Car Keys and Remind Users to Exercise

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Tim Cook gave an exclusive interview with Allister Heath of The Telegraph and explained how the Apple Watch could change people’s lives. The 54-year old CEO talked about the perils of having to look at the phone to tell the time. He then realized that looking at the wrist could be a great way to find any information. It’s also less rude and less intrusive, he said.

Now, Apple wants to reverse the cultural trend by bringing back the love for watches. On March 9, Apple will officially showcase the Apple Watch. Cook was wearing an Apple Watch during the interview. He says that he cannot imagine living without it, adding that the notifications and messages are incredible. He also confirmed that the Apple Watch will launch in April.

The Telegraph was able to take a glimpse of two Apple Watches: a white model worn by Tim Cook and another with a dark wristband worn by a senior staff. Allister Heath writes that the icons are rounder than those on the iPhone. Cook believes that people will buy the Apple Watch because it has a “striking design” and it delivers a fashion statement. Cook said that Jony Ive did a great job in designing the Apple Watch.

Cook said that the Apple Watch is engineered to be a reliable timekeeper, able to tell time correctly to 50 milliseconds. But he added that the Apple Watch is different from the traditional watch, saying that its impact will be similar to the iPhone. Apple’s goal is to allow the Apple Watch to improve the health of its users, monitoring heart rates and gently tapping on people’s wrist every hour to remind them that it’s time to stand up and go out for a walk.

Interestingly, Cook added that the Apple Watch will feature a special rewards system wherein users receive credits for exercising regularly. And, it can be used in the shower. Best of all, Cook said that the Apple Watch is designed to replace car keys, although he didn’t say how it will work. Cook says that it will be a major development – a move that will secure Apple in the automotive market.  

Of course, Cook discussed the Apple Watch’s capability to make payments via Apple Pay. Cook says that the system is ultra-safe and designed to protect a user’s privacy. Simple put, Apple won’t know what you are buying.

As for the battery life, Cook said that the Apple Watch will last for a day and the charging time is faster compared to the iPhone. And, make sure to check out the new charger for the Apple Watch, which Cook described as “incredible.” Cook looks convinced that the Apple Watch will become the modern smartwatch that everyone will buy. 


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