Apple Watch will have jewelry store security

Apple Watch will have jewelry store security

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Stored in overnight safes at stores

Apple’s retail stores have always looked like establishments that loved to tout themselves as being high security type places. People just don’t hear of someone robbing or stealing from an Apple store. With 2015 seeing the release of the Apple Watch and the 12 inch MacBook Air, the company will certainly go out of their way to make sure that their products are safe and secure in their retail outlets. As a matter of fact, it is being reported that Apple will start storing Apple Watches in custom made safes overnight.

There have been several reports about this practice that Apple will start taking once the Apple Watch starts selling in their stores. The best example was one showing a gold covered Apple Watch and for that reason, Apple will start storing the devices overnight in safes that are similar to how jewelry stores stores their wares overnight. The goal is to make sure that the product stays safe but at the same time being able to give the consumer access to the smarwatch during store hours.

Another addition and practice that Apple will have with the introduction of the Apple Watch are scales at the retail locations. The Apple Watch Edition is a watch that will be made of 24K gold and the scales will be used to make sure that the consumer is getting what they paid for. It is also a measure that will be used to weed out any fakes that /4/come on to the market. There have already been reports of that happening despite that the Apple Watch is not supposed to be released until April. Apple believes that this will also stop fakes from trying to be refunded at the store. This jewelry store approach of safes and scales will certainly bring another luxury and fashion statement to the Apple Watch as well.

Source: Techcrunch


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