Apple Watch’s Defect Rate of 70% Might Cause Shortages upon launch

Apple Watch's defect rate of 70% might cause shortages upon launch

Quanta, the company assembling the watch, has claimed it is experiencing problems and defects

The iPhone 6 wasn’t the only Apple product to have seen some trouble when it was caught up in the clutches of shortages around the globe. There is something for Apple to worry about since the predictions say that the Apple Watch might face similar circumstances when it launches in April.

Suspicion of this shortage surfaced after Apple managed to generate a defect-free rate of merely 30 percent as reported by Gisforgames. The confirmation has come from Quanta, the company assembling the Apple Watch, which has claimed that the production of the watch has a defect rate of 70 percent. Quanta is apparently working on this manufacturing bottleneck and in the wake of this it has enlisted 3000 additional workers from Foxconn.

It is however of utmost importance that these are merely rumors and neither Apple nor Quanta have commented on any such situation till yet and hence we are not sure what exactly is causing the watch to be declared as unfit for sale.

These reports clearly go against Taiwanese report which came out in December and claimed that all manufacturing problems had been taken care of and Apple will be able to roll out three to five million units upon launch. Predictions coming in from analysts have hinted towards a sale of 20 million smartwatches in this year alone and Apple wouldn’t want to burst this bubble at all.

According to Ben Wood, chief of research at CSS Insight, these predictions are based on the market of the iPhones which are compatible with the upcoming device.

He said, “We predict that 20 million Apple Watches will be sold by the end of 2015. This is based on assessing the addressable market of compatible iPhones and analysing initial iPad sales. We believe the iPad had similar characteristics to Apple Watch as it is a non-subsidised device which consumers bought without a clear understanding of exactly why they needed it. Apple will be hoping that consumers will ‘grow into’ the Apple Watch in the same way that iPad owners did.”

Source: GForGames


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