Apple Watch’s haptic sensor is all you need to get going

Apple Watch's haptic sensor is all you need to get going

This one app makes the Apple Watch a healthier gadget

We have already decided that the apps are going to form the most important part of the upcoming Apple Watch because these apps are going to set it apart from the rest of the smartwatches in the market. And the surprising bit is that Apple’s smartwatch is lacking some major components; it doesn’t have built-in blood-pressure monitor or a glucose tracker or even a pulse oximeter. But there is one app which is going to make up for the loss of these apps.

The haptic sensor in the Apple Watch is the killer app which was forgotten completely as the world was running after the health sensors and apps and during this we had almost forgotten how it could change our sedentary behavior. It had been made clear since quite some time now that the Apple Watch is not going to be a complete health tracking device and it looks more like “gold-plated bauble” as suggested by a Forbes employee.

However, there is one thing that makes this Apple Watch a healthier gadget after all and a Forbes report tells us exactly how this gadget is going to make us healthier. If we need to get the device working, we will have to get up. The Apple Watch has been designed to track how you move, exercise and stand and with the completion of each of these activities, users will be getting some kind of an award.

Philippa Dall, Senior Research Fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University, says “My own research in the workplace has shown that a prompt on the work computer every half an hour, reminding people to stand up, reduced prolonged sitting by 40 minutes a day.”

The haptic sensor plays an important part in this regard; it sends out pulses (rather taps you on the wrists) and reminds you to stand up every hour or so, thanks to a digital reminder. A sample message displays how exactly this is going to happen: “You’ve been sitting for a while. Take a minute to stand up.”



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