Apple Working on a Waterproof iPhone, Patent Application Shows

Apple Working on a Waterproof iPhone, Patent Applications Shows

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The iPhone is one of the best phones in the world today. When compared to other popular phones in the market—such as the “Galaxies” and the “Ones”—the iPhone manages to outwit them, except for one tricky feature that it doesn’t have. The word is waterproof. If there’s an obvious feature that Apple has yet to introduce, it’s a waterproof iPhone. 

But that could change soon. Apple has apparently submitted a patent application for a technology that protects electronic components from water. The application, titled “Methods for Shielding Electronic Components from Moisture,” was published at the official website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today.

Although the document didn’t mention the iPhone, Apple will most likely use the technology on the phone because it is the company’s bread and butter. Of course, Apple could also apply the method on its iPad and Apple Watch, which is a very promising device.

But, considering that some of the best Android phones out there are waterproof, Apple looks more inclined to test the technology first on the iPhone. According to the document, a hydrophobic coating will be applied to electronic components inside a computing device. Once applied, the component will become moisture-resistant.

This applies to other components as well. What’s interesting about this method is that the coating is applied to the components, and not on the casing. The result? You have a waterproof iPhone. But don’t get too excited, though. Remember that Apple has a lot of patent applications; most of them are denied and only a few make it to production. 


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