Apple’s iPhone 6S to feature Force Touch this year

Apple's iPhone 6s to feature Force Touch this year

This new technology is probably going to make its way to the complete iPhones line in a year

Some sources closer to the company have revealed information about Apple’s next-generation handsets, codenamed as the “N71” for the 4.7-inch model and “N66” for the 5.5-inch version which will hit the market as the iPhone 6s. The screen sizes are similar to the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus and the casing designs will also be similar to the phones revealed in September. So one thing is for sure that we are not going to get our wishes granted of a smaller screen size, preferably 4 inches, for the iPhone.

Sources which are aware of the developments of the prototypes of the upcoming iPhones have been saying that they will accompany the Force Touch which is being called the “Taptic Engine” by Apple ever since they announced the Apple Watch in September. This new technology is going to make its way to the iPhones by next year as we are already aware of the trend followed by Apple when it introduces a new cutting edge technology on one iOS device and then extends it to the other products.

This new technology might look similar to something Apple might have brought earlier but it should not be confused with it. Apple introduced something similar with iOS 5 because these were merely vibration alerts and they only controlled the vibrations’ duration and not the strength.

As with the new technology, the variable Forces are going to send in a message notification which will generate a tapping sensation and will simultaneously pressing down upon the Watch’s digital crown or screen which is going to bring about a different tactile sensation. Last year Apple even demonstrated this feature on the Apple Watch messaging which is going to allow the users to send silent wrist taps and even heartbeat using the data from the device’s heart rate monitor.

When it comes to translating variable physical feedback, the linear oscillating vibrators prove to be more effective as compared to their spinning mass counterparts and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been equipped with a similar part which has been custom-designed by Apple. This component is expected to be used in advanced Forces after a little modification.

The task of distinguishing variable vibration amplitude on a phone is much more difficult as compared to the watch since phones are usually in pockets and purses and unlike watches they are not in constant contact with our bodies.

source: appleinsider


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