Are Wearables Dead? No! Except for Google Glass!

Are Wearables Dead? No! Except for Google Glass!

  • There is a Question Mark on Future of Google Glass
  • Google Glass Production Ends in its Current Form.

Google has announced to shut the Glass Explorer Program and also made Glass an independent division and Nest’s Tony Fadell will now lead this separate Google Glass division.

Google glass was launched in the United States in 2013 and then opened to all in the United Kingdom last summer. But the search giant has decided that the sales of Google Glass in their current form will be suspended as of January 12, 2015.

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But Google also said that the concept of Google Glass is not finished, it is going back to the drawing board. The shut down of Glass Explorer Program does not mean that another version will not be out soon, it has only changed homes to broaden their scope to improve the ground breaking technology that was introduced and make it better.

A year ago Google acquired Nest and this will be the new home of the Google Glass. Tony Fadell is the current chief executive of Nest who will now be overseeing Ivy Ross, the current manager and her Glass Team. 

The current version of Google Glass showed success, in hospitals, extreme sports, fire stations and many other places. 

Glass was ground breaking enabling users to get information, directions, take and view photos and videos in a small screen above the right eye. But with everything revision is required. 

First generation Glass users were beyond excited with the small device and many would not consider using anything else. After a while Glass began having some drawbacks. Users started to wonder why no advancement was being made and why the Google Glass was not evolving, as the consumers had been promised it would.

Some of the other main concerns with Google Glass were privacy and safety issues. Many bars and restaurants have banned the use of smart glasses at their establishments because of concerns that patrons had about their privacy.  

Even with these concerns the concept of Glass is one of the areas that technology is looking to expand in. It is the new frontier in technology and the options are limitless as to how it can be improved, to become beneficially to consumers and businesses alike. 

It is with these suggestions on how to improve Glass Eyewear, that Google has decided to take Glass out of the lab and give it a new home at Nest and go back to the drawing board, to improve it and meet the consumers’ requests, based on the feedback that they provided. 

The future is limitless and Glass under new leadership looks to the future to bring out new versions that will be the leaders in glass eyewear technology. It is gone for now, but not forget and will return, better than ever. 

Source: Google Glass G+

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