Ashlee Simpson: SNL remembers Simpson’s Lip-Sync Failure

Ashlee Simpson: SNL remembers Simpson’s Lip-Sync Failure

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  • SNL remembered Ashlee Simpson’s screw-up on stage when she got in a lip-sync situation.
  • After doing a weird jig Ashlee went off stage with her head down.
  • She explained that she had an acid reflux acting up that day.

It’s been ten years since Ashlee Simpson did the jig on SNL.

On throwback Thursdays, we remember the tragic scandal where Ashlee was caught, more of exposed on stage while performing songs from her debut album “Autobiography” on SNL. The album was released in 2004 and was a chart topper. There were a lot of Ashlee fans that night that might have gotten shocked to see their new favorite singer lip-syncing their favorite songs. 

Back then, Ashlee started her performance with the song “Pieces of Me.” It was an excellent performance and Ashlee seemed to be singing her heart out. It all came down when the music for the second song started and Ashlee might have been the first to realize that it was the “Pieces of Me” music that was playing. Stranded on stage, Ashlee tried to covet the situation by breaking into a strange jig.

The dance made her loose any dignity she had left that night when her voice started to play and Ashlee felt that there was no other way but to get off-stage with her head down. It was disappointment and shock all over. It was SNL and the situation was handled by Jude Law who was hosting the show that night. 

Ashlee came on stage later on and joined Jude. She apologized to her fans about lip-syncing. She said that she always sang her heart out and she would never imagine betraying her fans. According to Ashlee, she has an acid reflux condition that was acting up that day and her vocal chords were swollen. She could not hit the high notes without damaging her voice so her father had told her to lip-sync the songs on stage.

For SNL executive Producer Lorne Michaels, they had not been informed about the situation and they were as surprised about it as anyone else. Ashlee said that a lot of singers might do it but she was not one of them. She said that her drummer had pressed the replay button in nervous excitement and she was left to bear the consequences. She apologized to her fans, Jude lightening the mood with her. 

The situation was soon forgotten and Ashlee was invited back to SNL the next year to perform after the success of her second album I Am Me. Ashlee redeemed herself that night for her previous trip on SNL by giving one heartfelt and amazing performance after the other. Her music career faltered overtime and she acted on stage, TV and movie but she has been between relationships and enjoying motherhood since 2008.

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