Ashton Kutcher possibly Guilty of Infidelity

Ashton Kutcher possibly Guilty of Infidelity

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Ashton Kutcher is possibly guilty of infidelity. Reports say that he has been with a blonde woman other than his wife.

The news are truly mindboggling in their implications. Ashton Kutcher was supposedly guilty of cheating on his wife Mila Kunis after the first few months of their dating jaunts. It was with a 21 year old blonde beauty. Ashton met his wife and started dating her two years ago. And it was around this time that he had an adulterous affair with a Swedish cosmetologist, Linn Massinger.

According to, Ashton never let this be known to Mila. But now that the word is out their marriage is on the rocks. Ashton was really into the shooting of his movie titled Jobs and he spotted Linn and soon the two were at it like squirrels. Ashton flirted with her and he seemed rather over familiar with her. 

Ashton was seemingly all eyes upon seeing Linn for the first time. He definitely was all over her and the two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They did some shop talk and then after twenty minutes of convo, the two decided to go back to Ashton’s residence. Linn had a friend who tagged along with her.

They continued to drink plenty of alcoholic liquor at the place and soon they were all pretty woozy with the level of demon drink flowing in their veins. Ashton finally made his move and got close to Linn while she was sitting on the settee. After the rest of the people left the scene, Ashton got even more hot and bothered and started flirting bodily with Linn. He then proceeded to seduce her to go with him into his bedroom.

There he made out with her and the two enjoyed each other immensely to their heart’s content. While Ashton was all out for sexual intercourse, Linn backed out at the last moment. Nevertheless they both slept together the whole night till the sun came out next day. Linn surreptitously left in the morning and Ashton contacted her later on by texting her that he wanted to see her again. But he never contacted her again after that.

If these rumors (or reality) turn out to be true, the actress who is Ashton’s wife will surely be left with her heart torn to shreds. The two have just had a baby daughter and Ashton is extra careful that no harm come to the health and wellbeing of both his wife and his child.

However, according to, the affair between Ashton and Linn began more than two years ago and was very brief. That was a period when Ashton and Mila were seeing each other on an on again and off again basis. There was actually nothing that serious between them to give the appearance of a married couple. And there are further details like the fact that Ashton and Linn never had sexual intercourse but just had quick bouts of oral sex.

If this is the case then such a scenario does not exactly constitute cheating. So much from Internet porn to stripper lapdances go on in the lives of males who are commonly the husbands of so many women who remain oblivious to their significant others secret sex lives. Just because the private affairs of one of them comes out in the open does not mean that it is the end of the world.

Mila ought to have known before the start of her bond with Ashton that such things go on especially in Tinsel Town. They are in fact so common as to be taken with a grain of salt. So why is such a big deal being made of this common garden variety affair of Ashton Kutcher.

Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher shared the fact with Conan O’Brian that his daughter’s name Wyatt Isabelle had a whole story behind it. He said that he was a very happy man who couldn’t be more excited regarding the birth of a daughter, that is daddy’s little girl.

He furthermore revealed that he and his wife had no nanny or night nurse for the child. It was just him and Mila who handled the baby. According to, Kutcher said that they were a privileged couple who were really hands-on in case of the childrearing of their little angel. 

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