Ashton Kutcher talks about having Sex with Mila Kunis at Lenovo Tech Conference

Ashton Kutcher talks about having Sex with Mila Kunis at Lenovo Tech Conference

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Ashton was the guest speaker at the Australian Lenovo Tech My Way Conference where he talked about his fiancé Mila Kunis and how he got to have sex with her.

Lenovo recently organized an event in Sydney, Australia called TechMyWay. The event was held with the intent to inspire entrepreneurs and innovators to lead. The event was attended by 300 people who came to listen to Marita Cheng, CEO of 2/3/Robotics, Cameron Parket, the online social strategist and Marketing Operations Director for Black Milk Clothing and of course the product engineer for Lenovo, Ashton Kutcher.

Ashton Kutcher, 37, is not only a model and an actor. For Kutcher, life holds more meaning than being a Hollywood celebrity. He has been investing his mind, his time and his money in technology since 2007. He is a veteran of technological advancement in modern day life. His role as Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs only confirmed his status as a technology representative in Hollywood. 

Lenovo was definitely impressed by Ashton’s brilliance when they signed him on as a product engineer in 2013. He has been featured in a Lenovo tablet advertisement since then. The ad featured Ashton talking about all the features that the tablet had. The detail and depth of how Ashton talked about the technology used in the tablet makes the audience realize that he knew what he was talking about. Ashton has dedicated himself to acquiring the knowledge about modern day technology. He is thus not only the face of Lenovo but also the representative mind and voice of the company as well.

He was the third speaker at the event after Chang and Parket had given their presentations. Ashton has great presence in front of cameras. We know that from his extensive movie and TV career. In front of a crowd, Ashton was a natural. He was talking about technology which is one of the things he loves to talk about besides his lovely fiancé, Mila Kunis and his newborn daughter, Wyatt. So he decided to talk about them all.

Ashton has talked about personalization of modern technology and he talked about that at this event as well. So while he talked about his partnership with Lenovo, he couldn’t help but mention Mila. Ashton seems dazed by his fiancé even after they had a baby together last year. He mentioned Mila and then went on to tell the audience that she was his fiancée that he got to have sex with her and it was amazing.

The way he said it really implied that it was the most amazing thing that he was the only person who got to have sex with Mila Kunis. He then talked about Wyatt. He told the audience that she was four months old and still growing but it never got old, being a father. All of this took place while he was telling the audience about a hiking trip he had taken with his family and Mila had still continued to receive texts and emails. 

The texts he mentioned were about Mila’s new upcoming movie Jupiter Ascending. Mila is playing the Queen of Humanity in the movie. As if on cue, he told the crowd that he got to sleep with the Queen of Humanity. Again he said it like that was the greatest thing ever. Just then a baby started crying in the crowd and he got homesick for a moment but then recovered. He continued to talk about Mila.

He gave her instance to illustrate his point about people asking dumb questions these days. He said that when they were in school, they were encouraged to ask questions, even dumb ones. He said that back then it was ok because they were trying to build up the student’s curiosity and help them learn. During their days at high school, if you wanted to know something, you would have to go to a library and go through multiple books. Asking questions felt much easier than going through the whole process but it reduced personal effort.

According to Ashton, dumb questions are all those questions that require personal effort to find the answer to. Their teachers should have told them to look it up instead of making them run away from applying personal effort. As a result of that, people still ask dumb questions. Even when the internet gives them access to the answers to every single dumb question they could be asking like they were asking Mila these days in interviews. He said that people now have answers on their laptops and their phones but they just don’t apply that personal effort and ‘look it up’. He found that totally nonsensical. He said that he was also used to being asked dumb questions. Like ‘What’s Brad Pitt like?” 

For him, one should only ask questions that you cannot know the answers to without asking. He then made his point relevant by telling the audience that he had sent an email to his fellow celebrities about the best advice they had gotten. He said that that was something you can’t usually find the answer to online. He then continued to read out the replies he had gotten from the celebrities.

He read out Taylor Swift’s reply to his question in which she had said “Keep your hopes high and your expectations low. You are not entitled to anything but there is nothing that you can’t earn. And most importantly, enthusiasm can protect you from absolutely anything.” Ashton read out the mail in three parts, giving his own opinion after each part. He then read out Bradley Cooper’s reply. Cooper had told Ashton about a cartoon commercial message he remembered from when he was a kid. The message was to “Be Yourself”.

Bradley had remembered that through his career and felt that after 30 years that advice had really worked out for him. Ashton’s narration of both the pieces of advice was truly inspiring. He invoked that need to minimize asking other people about what you want to know and try and find it yourself. The internet allows us to that. We are more aware of everything around us with internet access. He said that asking intelligent questions was the key to success. Smart people were sexy according to him and asking intelligent questions definitely made a person smart.


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