Audi takes CES 2015 from Racetrack to Road with Piloted Driving, New Connect Solutions and Much More

Audi takes CES 2015 from Racetrack to Road with Piloted Driving, New Connect Solutions and Much More


  • Piloted Driving
  • New Audi Connect Solutions
  • New Infotainment Modules, Control and Display Concepts
  • New Developments in Lighting Technology

Audi’s CES 2015 presence is centered on the car’s communication with its surroundings. Audi goes driverless with Prologue hybrid piloted driving concept car. The range of Audi gadgets and consumer durables present at the CES 2015 shone with excellence. They caught many a roving eye indeed.

Audi stunned audiences at the CES 2015 by presenting a host of products that included: a processor chip that manages eight billion procedures per second, a tachometer that was superfast, three dimensional sound that was omnipresent in its quality and finally a tablet that linked up your device and your Audi car smoothly and seamlessly.

Besides this there was special parking and Audi wireless refueling. Laser headlights and driverless cars were other wonder works and miracles accomplished by Audi. The Audi car is seen by many of its fans as more than just a vehicle.

It is in fact a mobile gadget that /4/be large but it functions in the most intricate of ways. The assorted array of technological gizmos presented by Audi at the CES 2015 are too many to go into in detail.

But they are so cool and classic that they deserve introductory remarks of their own. The hardware and software stuff that Audi churns out is of the sort that otherworldly fantasies are constructed of.    

The Audi TT and Audi Q7 are such that all the driver needs to do is enter the voice recognition commands and the vehicles will guide him to the nearest destination he has just spoken of. It’s that simple.

As for Audi Connect, it lends even more amenities. The long list of applications available on the platform are the best. Apple Car Play and Android Auto work on the applications too. Napster and Aupeo!’s music /4/be accessed via the facility too.

The digital drama that Audi lets loose upon the world is simply mindboggling. There are furthermore ten thousand helping hands (technologically speaking) that lend vital assistance to the lucky drivers of the Audi samples in vehicles.

As for the driverless car, it /4/just match techno-wits with Google’s moonshot driverless vehicle. Audi’s logo of four rings that overlap is being seen all over the CES 2015. Besides digital deconstruction there are the interlinks that Audi is famous for. 

Driver assistance is a field of endeavor that is especially relevant here. The goal is to make the driving experience more fun and cooler than the coolest of situations. It will take at least ten years before this system is fully implemented and becomes a common feature of everyday life.

In fact the setup is such that at certain junctions in the journey the vehicle /4/takeover via automatic pilot from the driver. Now isn’t that a miracle within a miracle. The navigation GPS facility allows a map of the surrounding environment to be developed in seconds and the car responds accordingly within a few moments.

Thus the one thing which requires care and control is taken over by machine from man’s manipulation. No matter how complex the situation the car will respond in an appropriate manner to assist the driver or take over from him for limited time periods. 

Coming to the lighting facilities by Audi they are the most wonderful of its manufactured goods. They include matrix LED headlights that illuminate for a long distance what lies in front of the car.

Then there are the laser beam headlights that go all the way for 500 feet which is a long way off indeed. They are high resolution to boot. Audi also has a virtual cockpit in case of its TT and Q7 brands.

Three dimensional graphics and many display modes are on board the inner environment of these vehicles. Audi’s partner in this venture is none other than NVIDIA. The virtual cockpit is of course powered by a T 30 graphics processor. Both cars will feature MMI terminals too. The interface technique psychology behind this is very complex. 

Now we come to the Audi connect. It includes within its rubric the Net, networking ability, infrastructure and a scope for future unfolding in its various intricate services. LTE is available on this platform. And music from Napster and Aupeo! will be freely accessible too.

Besides this there are many other small applications and features among Audi’s technoworks that will leave the consumer base breathless. These include its electronic architecture and charging abilities without the help of a cable.

Audi’s CES 2015 presence in Las Vegas got highlighted by 4 spectacular cars. These include

  • Audi TT Roadster
  • Audi RS 7 Sportback
  • Audi R8 LMX production models
  • Audi prologue piloted driving showcar which was actually purpose-built for CES 2015.

The future of Audi is so bright that it is as brilliant and stunning as a thousand suns. Nothing can stop this car company from moving forward with lightning speed and taking its consumers and fans on a “tachyonic” voyage to the limits of technological breakthrough.

The force of instrumentality that lies at the core of this new face of applied science will change the world in ways that have not been explored up until now. What you saw at the CES 2015 is just a small sample of what lies in store ahead. Let’s wait with anticipation as the years ahead reveal Audi’s capabilities with ever increasing speed. 

More CES 2015 highlights can be found in our CES 2015 News Hub. The CES 2015 begins officially on January 6 and ends on January 9, 2015 in Las Vegas. The CES 2015 announcements and news are though pouring in since end of 2014. The big topics at the CES 2015 are 4k Ultra HD TVs, wearables, robotics and cars technology.

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