Barack Obama talks on the possibilities of Cyber Threats

Barack Obama talks on the possibilities of Cyber Threats

The increased use of technology has made the country more vulnerable for the outside rival forces

The wide possibilities and the dire limitations of technology have all been debated over since decades. Yet another stance moves around the remunerations and the adversaries of the increased use of technology and the importance of going over this once again has been raised by the US President Barack Obama himself. In his latest article, titled ‘A New Tool Against Cyber Crime’, the President highlights the importance of understanding that the technology we have come to know today can bring us multitude of benefits but at the same time its use is also very much capable of doing us harm.

While the US has steadily progressed towards a better future with increased use of technology, it has also seen some serious vulnerabilities in this regard. Mr. Obama acknowledges the fact that his country’s military has become stronger with the help of advanced warfare technologies but other rivals countries such as China and Russia might use this same technology to get into the sensitive systems. A lot of the county’s critical infrastructure such as the financial systems and power grids are vulnerable and foreign governments are at all times probing for loopholes which they can use for their own advantage.

The President is of the view that technology has put everything on the risk line including businesses, trade secrets and ultimately all this might cost a lot of American jobs. The problem is that this isn’t merely about assumptions; there have been real world examples from the past which clearly show how vulnerable countries can become and how rival economies benefit. American banks have been targeted earlier on as well by some Iranian hackers and the recent Sony Pictures hack cost a lot of trouble.

There have been similar instances and consequently millions of American citizens have had to compromise with their personal data including some very sensitive information on credit cards. The US President is also ensuring that his government is employing every possible way to make sure that the safety of the country as well as its citizens is maintained.


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