Ben Affleck Refers Batman at Congressional Hearing (Video)

Ben Affleck refers Batman at Congressional Hearing (Video)

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  • Ben Affleck refers Batman in his Testimony at Congressional Hearing

Ben Affleck, despite being an A-List actor, is also a humble humanitarian.

Ben Affleck is known for playing the role of Batman in the latest movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He recently gave his testimony at a Congressional session. Ben Affleck was giving his side of the argument in favor of aid to third world countries and continents such as Africa and diplomacy towards those nations where resources were scarce.

Especially in reference to Congo where children were being subject to the deleterious effects of ignorance and gender-based violence not to mention poverty, Ben spoke vociferously in favor of lending a helping hand. He even gave a shout out to a Batman aficionado on the panel of the hearing committee.

While offering his profuse thanks to the members of the platform, Affleck also turned to Senator Patrick Leahy and gave him a bucking up by saying that he would do great injustice if he didn’t acknowledge his costar in Batman.

He meant by this the cameo appearances by Leahy in the series. Affleck appreciated Bill Gates’ huge philanthropic efforts that had changed the fate of so many of the poor, destitute and impoverished masses of the global village. Gates was present too. 

Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner and his daughter Violet sat a row behind him as he spoke of more somber matters. His Eastern Congo Initiative was something which he especially mentioned as a meaningful start in the right direction.

Ben also posted various of his pics on Instagram which showed him helping out with children in the Congo. He wrote of how he found such hopelessness and meaninglessness there that his heart went out to the people of this land.

Providing educational resources and empowering the scads of human potential trapped untapped in the individuals of Congo was what he looked forward to on a daily basis.

When he saw child soldiers he realized that they had the same wishes and needs as those in far more affluent societies and these requirements for love, security and material benefits were not being met. His heart bled at this injustice and lack of infrastructure.

The civil wars, strife and violence had torn apart the societies of Africa at the seams. Strange to say, but Ben Affleck looked more of a superhero in a three-piece suit at the committee hearing than in his movies.

It just goes to show you that humanity is the true religion of man and all we really need is a bit of love and healing. The vanity and razzmatazz of Hollywood simply cannot hold up a candle to the power of self-sacrifice and loving-kindness.  

Watch here the video of Ben Affleck testifying at Senate hearing on Diplomacy, Development & National Security.

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